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E: “Hey, Tyler, can I get-” T: “Hang on a sec.” E: “Oh, what are you working on?” T: “Dude, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but please, gimme a minute to finish updating word so it works with this surface pen, ok?” E: “Uh- um, ok.” ... ... ... E: “Dude, don’t waste my time.” T: “Ah! Sorry! I’m almost done!!” ... “Ah, there we go!!” E: “Good job?” T: “Jess! Here you go- I updated your computer with office 365!” J: “Ah, perfect job. Thank you very much.” T: “Yeah, no problem!” J: “Really, I very much appreciate it.” T: “Haha, of course!” E: “Oh, now I see.” T: “Huh?” E: “Nothing. Can you email me your schedule for the next month?” T: “Of course!” E: “So, what’s your deal?” T: “Dude, I dunno. Everyone else around here is nuts. I’m just a normal dude.” E: “fair enough.” T: “I just do IT.” C: “Dude, you have like, an hour left in the day.” E: “WAIT, REALLY?” C: “Yeah. Get goin’.” E: “Well, ok. I’ll just leave you to your nerd shit.” T: “Uh... Thanks?”