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N: (Come on, You didn’t come across that bad.” C: (Ech.) T: (Stupid...) E: “Oh, hey, Jessi. I needed to talk to you anyways.” J: “What do you need, Erik?” E: “I need a schedule for the month.” J: “Oh, sure. I’ll email it to you.” E: “Uh... I need you to just tell me, if that’s alright.” J: “My apologies. I have around twenty to thirty legal meetings for the upcoming month. It would be impossible to verbally express all the details.” E: “I don’t have an email.” J: “You don’t have email? Why not?” E: “I don’t own a computer. Never have.” J: “What about a phone? We can get you one that way.” E: “ I don’t even know how to use one.” J: “Oh, Tyler has tons of extra laptops. We can provide you one for free, if you don’t mind.” E: “No, really, it’s ok.” J: “I’ll even teach you how to use our system. I don’t mind at all.” E: “I’d need to learn how to use one at all.” J: “I don’t mind. It’s very intuitive.” E: “...Are you sure?” J: “Absolutely.” ... “Excuse me, Tyler-” T: “Take anything that’s not a server or labelled as broken.” J: “Ah, thank you.” T: (ARGH) J: “See that? That’s your search engine.” E: “Mm.” J: “And that’s your email.” E: “Ok.” J: “That’s your shared file folder.” E: “Uh-huh.” J: “You can find any of us through the website and directory.” E: “Got it.” ... “Hey, is it true that you can do integrals on this?” J: “Yes, I believe so.” E: “Can you show me how?” J: “Sure. I know a website I had to use in my high school calculus course.” E: “Woah! that’s so cool!” J: “I didn’t know you were into math, Erik.” E: “I’m not. You use this kind of stuff in fluid dynamics.” J: “Are you dealing with fluid dynamics a lot in your day-to-day routine?” E: “I used to, in my last job.” J: “What was your last job?” E: “Something involving fluid dynamics.” J: “That’s funny.” E: “Hey, thanks for helping me with this, and not, uh, making fun of me.” J: “Of course. When we all know how to use our tools effectively, it benefits us all.” E: “I guess... But still, thanks.” J: “Of course.” E: “...Are you sure you’re not mad?” J: “Of course.” E: “You sound mad.” J: “That’s just my face.” E: “Ok...” J: “Why would I be mad? I love helping people, and I like making friends.” E: “Fine! Fine! Haha.” ... “Ah, I have to get going, but thank you so much!” J: “Of course. Please ask me for help anytime.”