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E: “Hey, hey.” S: “Hrgh.” ... “Did you have a reason to come in here, or...” E: “Uh, yeah! So, I was thinking about the work we have to do.” ... “I don’t know anything about... Whatever you’re doing, and you seem to be struggling with it. So I was thinking- if neither of us get this stuff done, it’s really bad for both of us, right? So maybe... This is a lesson about working together?” S: “Hm. You’ve got a point.” ... “Fine, you can help me, but I need you to get me some files labelled from the 25th, ok? And make it quick.” E: “I’m helping you. Don’t yell at me.” L: “Hm, this is good. Nice work.” E: “Thanks!” L: “Erik, did you learn about everyone in the office?” E: “Um... Yeah?” L: “Good. Sarenya, did you learn an important lesson about delegating?” S: “I guess?” L: “Great. You’ve got the job.” E: “HEY!!” ... “What the hell am I supposed to do?” L: “What do you mean?” E: “What, am I supposed to fuck off and leave?!” L: “I- Um- I mean, I’m sure we can write you up something?” E: “Come on!! I can’t find another job!” L: “Uh... Do you think you’re getting fired?” E: “Eh?” L: “You’re not. Getting fired, that is. I’m demoting you to an assistant or something.” E: “Huh?” L: “It’s 5:30. Go home. I’m trying to work.” -slam- E: “Hey.” S: “Mm?” E: “Did you lie to me?” S: “Yes.” E: “I hate you, so, so, much.” S: “That’s fair.”