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?: “Hey, you can’t smoke in here.” E: “It’s not lit, asshole-” C: “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” E: “I’m looking after Lisem while he’s sick. Guard duty.” C: “Ah, I see.” E: “Hey, it;s only 3. What are you doing not at work?” C: “Working at the office stresses me out, so I left early to work at home. Nobody’ll stop me.” E: “Don’t exploit Lis, geez.” C: “Eh, isn’t that what you’re doing?” E: “Mm.” C: “Wait, ‘Lis?’” E: “I- Uh- I- Shut up, dude!” C: “Mm.” ... “You know, Sara thinks you’re suspicious, but I’m convinced you’re just a well-meaning idiot.” E: “Sara said that? I really want her to like me...” C: “I’m surprised. I didn’t think you’d care about that kind of thing.” E: “Of course I care. I want everyone to like me. Isn’t that normal?” C: “...We have more in common then I thought.” E: “Hey, why don’t we hang out more?” C: “You called me small” ... “And don’t buy Lisem that book, he’s read it.” E: “It’s for me.” C: “You can read?” E: “Oh, shut it.”