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L: “mmmrgh.” E: “Hey, you’re alive.” L: “I feel like I’m in hell.” E: “You’ve been sleeping for 24 hours.” L: “Mmm.” E: “You’re not mad?” L: “I can no longer have emotions>” E: “You ok?” L: “My head’s gonna explode.” E: “Oh, alright.” ... “Wait, that’s no good. What did you do?” L: “Nothing, nothing.” E: “Is it like a headache pain? Or a hangover? Or, I dunno-” L: “I don’t know. I haven’t had a headache in years, I don’t remember.” E: “Shit, I’m sorry.” L: “Once I get moving I’ll feel better. Hang on.” E: “Maybe you should rest.” L: “No, no. I’m already feeling better. See-” ... “Hgk.” E:”Woah!” L: -coughing- E: “What the hell- Oh, shit!” L: -rougher coughing- E: “Hey. Hey. Hey. It’s ok. Breathe, ok? In n’ out.” ... “There we go! Yeah! Uh huh!” L: -harsh breathing- E: “You feeling any better now?” L: “I... I’m sorry...” E: “Hey, come on, don’t be stupid. You don’t need to apologize.” L: “I think I’m gonna die.” E: “No, no. You’re gonna be fine. You’re just sick.” L: “No, I think I’m gonna die.” ... “Ok, that’s... Enough self pity.” E: “Hey, take it easy!” L: “Nothing in life gets done by taking it easy. It’s only 8 to 5.” E: “Geez, take care of yourself.” L: “Ugh. What do we have to do today?” E: “Lis-” L: “Prep for the office 365 shift? We can do that.” E: “No, we did that yesterday while you were asleep.” L: “What?” E: “While you were asleep.” L: “For how long?” E: “A day?” ... “Lisem?” L: “YOU LET ME SLEEP FOR A WHOLE DAY?!? THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?” E: “You seemed like you needed it-” L: “YOU ABSOLUTE NUMBSKULL!” “あなたはバカです!バカやろう!バカやろう!! (You idiot! Idiot! Idiot!!)” E: “Heh.” L: “Don’t- Don’t laugh!! I’m pissed off!!” E: “I’m glad to see you back to normal. Crying doesn’t suit you.” L: “Oh, shut it.” E: “Help me find my suit so I can go to work.” E: “No.” L: “You can’t stop me.” E: “You’re not doing that.”