another fucking sideways one whats my problem

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E: “Hey. When did you get up?” L: “Eh?! Oh, Erik. Good morning.” E: “Uh... Yeah.” ... “You know, if you ever get up early, you can always get me up too, and I can make you breakfast.” L: “Oh, I didn’t sleep.” E: “What?!” L: “When I sleep, the work keeps piling up. I sleep every other day.” E: “Lisem, this is why you keep passing out.” L: “I know... I don’t know why I can’t handle it anymore.” E: “Because if you do it for too long, you’ll die.” L: “No... Nah.” E: “Mhm.” ... “How can someone so smart be so stupid?” L: “Don’t push me, I’ll fall over.” E: “I’m gonna make you some breakfast.” ... “How’s eggs sound?” L: “mmm... good...” -thump- E: “Geez.” ... “Falling asleep when I go to all this trouble to cook for you. So annoying...” L: zzz E: “Tch. I can’t even pretend to hate you. This is the lowest I’ve ever sunk.” ... “Geez. Off to bed with you.” L: “mmm” E: доброй ночи. (good night.)” -click- E: (in F’nyeki) “Good morning! ... Nothing to report. Just giving my weekly update! ... Duly noted! Yes, I am happy. Guess who’s sleeping peacefully next to me? ...Don’t worry, he’s really asleep. I checked. ...No. Mmm. Yeah. No- I- Yeah, ok. It’s- part of the process. I’m not just dicking around. Mhm- Yeah- Next Tuesday. Bye.” -sigh- L: zzz E: “Hey, Sara. Lisem and I are calling out today. Yeah, he’s asleep. I’m making sure he doesn’t get murdered. Yep! I’ll see you later today or tomorrow, depending on when he wakes up. Bye!” ... “mmm.” ... “...Maybe today I’ll go out drinking. Too much free time.”