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L: “Good afternoon!” E: (so positive.) S: “What’s wrong with you?” T: “Late again? Huh?” L: “Nothing. I slept well.” S: “Are you on drugs?” L: “What? No.” S: “Are you sure?” ... “Something about you looks different.” L: “What? No.” S: “No, something’s off.” L: “It’s none of your business.” ... “Oh, Ty. Good. I need you to put the data from my computer into a new one.” T: “What?” L: “And I send you all emails about the work I want you to do next. Nice job about the previous work, but we can’t afford to get behind.” ... “Um, at any rate, come talk to me if you have questions, ok?” T: “Sure.” N: “Ok, that was the most supicious conversation I’ve ever seen.” S: “Yeah.” T: “Mm.” S: “Well, what do we know?” N: “He came in with Erik today.” S: “He’s been late 3 times since Erik was hired.” N: “His glasses were broken.” S: “His laptop has a gun hole in it.” N: “He’s been getting less work done.” S: “He’s been talking to us less, too...” ... “I’m really worried about him. He’s so smart, but, he has no life experience... I’m worried that Erik might be taking advantage of him. He’s only 18.” C: “You don’t like Erik?” S: “Huh?! When did you get here?” ... “No, he’s fine. When he takls to us, he seems perfectly normal.” C: “But?” S: “But...” ... “When he’s alone... I feel like... He’s... Waiting.”