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L: “Hey.” E: “mmrgh.” L: “How are you holding up?” E: “Don’t make this about me.” ... “How about you?” L: “I’m good.” E: “That’s a relief.” L: “Can’t you tell?” E: “Huh?” L: “Nothing.” E: “Um... Can I touch you?” L: “Of course. Thanks for asking.” E: “Uh... Ok.” ... “I’m so sorry. For yelling.” L: “It’s fine. Please, don’t worry about it.” E: “Um... How long do you want to stay?” L: “How about a week?” E: “Ah, ok. I can sleep on the couch.” L: “No, I’ll do that.” E: “You’re my guest.” ... “What do you like to eat?” L: “Oh, you don’t have to cook me anything!” E: “I want to. I love cooking.” L: “Uh... I’ve never eaten a home-cooked meal, so anything is good!” E: “Really?!” L: “Yeah, I can’t cook.” E: “What about your brother?” L: “Oh... He can’t either.” E: “Wow! I gotta make you something really good!” L: “I’d like that.” ... “To tell you the truth, I do feel safer.” E: “Hey, don’t make fun of me.” L: “I’m not. Living alone is kind of scary. Havnig someone else to rely on in a crisis is nice too. I can’t talk to my- um, anyone, about this, so it’s a big relief.” E: “Does this happen a lot?” L: “Not enough to be worried. Only every few months. IT’s gotten much worse in the past few months, though.” E: “Mrgh.” L: “What?” E: “That really bothers me.” L: “Understandable.” E: “No, it... It shouldn’t.” L: “Thanks for the vote of no confidence.” E: “No, when you feel bad, I feel bad. It’s... unusual.” L: “Empathy?” E: “You make me think too much. Big words.” ... “Let’s just sleep and focus on tomorrow, ok?” L: “Yeah, it’s 4, huh...” E: “Let’s call out tomorrow.” L: “Nah, I’m already behind. I might work some instead of sleeping.” E: “Geez. Take care of yourself.”