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As an ex-military refugee from the opposing country, Erik finds himself stuck in A.P.U.S. with little hope of escape. Between taking jobs as a hired killer and studying quantum physics to earn a degree, he has little time to improve his personal situation. But this all changes when he accidentally runs into the most powerful person in the world- the leader of APUS itself, Lisem Rossem.

Considered the greatest revolutionary of our time, Lisem took control of half the world with the formation of global superpower APUS 5 years ago. With most of modern Iversia at peace, the whole globe struggles to find their footing- Lisem included. After sacrificing his childhood to win a revolution, can Lisem find his own personality as an adult?

Nicknamed the "Madoka Magica of Quanphys" (by my brother), Iversia is the exploration of different modern quantum mechanics on an alternate Earth (if the variables in the functions dictating psiwaves could be manipulated by humans.) It also explores the idea of the ether's manifestation as physical miasma with classical interactions. You don't need to know any science to read it, don't worry- my goal is to make the topic as accessable as possible within the framework of an lgbt romance comic (like webtoons but not completely dogshit). Between the complex political climate Lisem finds himself in and Erik's relationship to the seedy underbelly of APUS, you'll be able to get a sense of the religious fervor people have for psiwaves and the wider world as a whole. And because Erik and Lisem are so radically different, I hope you'll find comfort in two people actively deciding to care for each other. Thank you for giving Iversia a chance!

Click here for the first 100 pages of an Iversian intro quanphys textbook I was writing, for more granular info on the quanphys concepts I'm using. (abandoned for actual school, lol.) I also have refined my concepts a lot now that I have more granular experience with lorenz transformation calculations and SR (special relativity) as a whole.

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Iversia: A Quantum Romance.