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164 pages. Some caveats.

1, this is not a finished copy.

First, I know all the english spelling errors already, don't worry about that. Also, the art gets much more detailed around ch3. I've written this material so many times, I know what it looks like back to front already in my head, but YOU don't. That was a problem I realized halfway through and tried to fix :-(. It's not a big deal since this isn't the final product, but I still wanted to post this for free online. The first 6 pages are my intended style for the whole book when it's done, though.

2, please give me comments!

If you have a piece of criticism you think would really help me (NOT ENG SPELLING ERRORS,) please email me (on the home page.) Please just don't rip me to shreds; even if you mean well, I'm a person and this book is a product of my emotional vunerability. I have worked very hard to provide free content over the past 8 years online parallel to my real school and work, so please keep that context in mind. I am a full-time student on top of this, studying general science with a focus on differential calculus for photon entanglement. Writing comics is not my job, just my passion. That being said, I want the book to be genuinely engaging, because it is very important to me. So any early-reader feedback is crucial. Keep in mind I've already been told the text may be too small.

and 3, please consider sharing with your friends!

While I don't have a lot of time on my hands, I DO have access to the most invaluble resource- people reading your shit. Iversia.com has almost 100,000 views. That's incredible. The feedback I've gotten over the years, both positive and negative, has been invaluble. The more people that read my work, the more comments I can get. That means I can make better and better stuff, and one day push for publication! So if you liked the book, please consider sending this page to someone you know who's interested in manga and would like to support a local artist. I don't get any money out of it, it's not an ad thing- it just means a lot. :-)

And finally, after all these years: thank you for reading. -Mike