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Here's some bios for characters from Iversia! Ordered by the subcategories in my brain

Main Characters (Spoiler-Free)

Lisem Rossem, 19, M.

Born on the streets of the now assimilated Urou-Sadia with no parents or guardians, Lisem is most widely known for establishinging the country of APUS as a very young child after leading the resistance to the oppressive F'nyek tyranny. Most people consider him a child prodigy and honorable leader who prefers to stay out of the spotlight ever since the war ended over two years ago. He holds two college degrees in business and politics, and his hobbies include playing gacha games inbetween meetings and organizing the files on his computer to be completelycolor-coded. Unknown to most, his vast military efforts come down to his secret psychic powers. However, he will adamantly refuse they make him different then any other person in terms of humanity.His insistent and almost obsessive attempts to maintain complete control of his life at all times has been known to be his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

Erik D'yrin, 24, M.

Erik was born in the neighboring country of F'nyek and worked breifly as a government physicist before fleeing the country. Though his history is spotty, he now works as a general aide to the prime minister's cabinet and a personal assistant, among other things. His favorite thing to do is cook meals at the end of a long day, and to go drinking with his friends. His exposure to computers has been very low his whole life, so he struggles with using new technology, but he always tries his best. He tends to keep a positive demeanor, which means he can easily make friends! Despite this, he's still tinged with suspicion, leading others to distrust him.

Lupi, 21, M.

Previously a high-ranking assassin, Lupi spends most of his time now running around doing free-lance work on the low. His psychic powers are potent, rivalling even Lisem's, and he has no issue with using them on anyone. Even though he tries to be upbeat despite his line of work, it's almost impossible for him to make close friends, as he refuses to place any more then a fraction of his trust in anyone. He was born a twin, though reports are his sister is a good 4 to 5 years older then him, somehow... Though initially vowing revenge on Erik and Lisem, it seems he changes his mind a lot and has trouble deciding what he wants. Usually his memory is extremely unreliable, but he can recite the name and date of any assassination off the top of his head, seeing as it's both his livelihood and his passion.

APUS Prime Minister Office Workers

Sarenya Kadengras-Cambron- 27, F.

Sara has a double major in business and statistics, aiding her position as head financial director. Though she can get easily frustrated with people, she believes in everyone she works with, and tries her best to be empathetic to everyone she meets. She’s incredibly strong-willed, though this means she can come off as abrasive at times. Most people who know her well have realized that's the way she shows her affection. She's married to a very successful model named Eliyana Cambron, known widely for being the most popular trans woman in the modelling industry to date, and Sara loves to brag extensively about her. She feels a strong sense of protection over Lisem since she was the first hire for the office back when Lisem was a child. Since he has no parents, she's always felt like he needs a strong adult figure in his life. Her number one goal in life is doing the best job she can at making APUS the best it can be!

Jessi- 26, F.

Jessi is an extremely sucessful legal advisor, having passed the bar exam at age 23. She’s considered a prodigy in the court of law, but almost as soon as she became able to practice, the Urou-Sadian court system was destroyed with the creation of APUS. She first established contact with Lisem when he found her writing extensive letters to him about laws he was establishing at the time; her saying all of them had large and gaping holes in them. She was almost immediately hired to facilitate the production of a new judicial system for the country, as her legal knowledge was obvious. Though she seems entirely emotionless, she actually is deeply empathetic, caring about every single person she meets to the point of flaw. She takes a lot of time out of her day to help other people even if it means she can't complete all of her own tasks. She has a second job as a cosplay artist and has found quite a following online, though it doesn't bleed into her main work.

Nyem- 25, F.

Nyem is the picture of an empowered woman in the workplace. She's worked her entire life to learn as much as she could about every other country, even before APUS's creation, just so she could work as an ambassador for the country. Instead of being sought out and hired, she walked right into Lisem's office and demanded he hear out her application. Thanks to her headstrong nature, she soon found herself working overtime to establish good relations with other countries as an integral part of the office. Just by coincidence, her and Carl actually went to highschool together, and they started living together in a small apartment out of convenience. She cares for Lisem, but isn't afraid to call him out on decisions that she thinks are a mistake. In fact, that goes for everyone- she's been known to march into people's offices and give them unprompted opinions on anything they're doing. But because of her tactfulness and skills as a negotiator on the international plane, her opinion holds a great deal of weight, seeing as how she doesn't just blurt things out without thinking. She is a very eloquent speaker, and believes in pulling the most use out of everyone in the office. She also tends to hold leadership positions in group meetings, and both Sara and Lisem have admitted to letting her take control ove them every once in a while when things get out of hand.

Carl- 25, M.

Despite his crippling anxiety, Carl absolutely adores running the military division of the country. Even though he struggles with talking to people and tends to come off as antagonistic, he has a deep desire to get along with everyone, even if it seems like he's doing the opposite. He feels like he owes everything to Nyem- even though his hiring had nothing to do with her, she found him at an incredibly dark time in his life and she helped him get on his feet again. Though you would expect such a prominent military leader to be someone with a bit more education and history, he actually barely scraped by in college, and most of his knowledge comes from an obsession with reading online history forums and virtual simulation videogames. Still, nobody can doubt his affinity for the task set out for him, especially Lisem. Even though he's made a lot of friends in the office, he still tends to keep to himself, preferring to go home after a long day and play MMOs. He also doesn't care for alcohol, and usually won't touch the stuff.

Tyler- 23, M.

Originally a temporary hire from the Felklands to deal with setting up a communications system within the office, he was quickly hired full-time to set up email systems between the different departments of the government. He’s probably the only average guy in the office. He’s dealt with severe depression in the past, but has largely recovered and is in a good mental state nw. However, he can get really overwhelmed with the assignments he’s given, so everyone else around the office tries to help him when they can, especially Jessi. After stressing out about something for a few days, he tends to buckle down and finish whatever he’s assigned in record time, making up the lost time. He took up this job as a way to make good money to move out of his shitty apartment, but he really cares about computers and loves working on them.

A Few Important Side Characters

Opilione, Age unknown, F.

The queen of Eunic. More powerful then you could imagine, she rules the country with an iron fist, having fought her way to the top in the monarch trials. She radiates unseen power, and bears a large gauntlet on her right arm, seemingly made of a million weapons spliced together. Though she seems kind upon first glance, one can feel the malice behind her words as she speaks. Her intentions remain a mystery to all, especially to Lisem.

Laniatores, Age unknown, F. [Spoilers for Chapters 1-4!]

Lania is one of the top generals of the Eunic empire. She wields a large broadsword imbued with some sort of psychic ability. She is an extremely cold and unempathetic person, mainly because she is a psychic construct, created by Miss Opilione to fufill a purpose that was never disclosed to her. She holds a firm belief in psychics being superior to nonpsychics in every way. Though a lot of her brain is telling her that all she can be is a tool for something greater, a larger part is telling her to be something more.

Jasmine, Arch-Princes, 22, F.

As the recently-appointed ruler of Ceyan and as an eldest sister of 6, the responsibility wears heavy on her shoulders, but she bears it with stride. Though she seems innocent and carefree, the reality is that she takes her job with the utmost seriousness. The day-to-day majority rule of Ceyan comes down to her cabinet, but the important decisions are still left to her, so she maintains complete control. Her and her country have long been considered APUS's strongest allies, and she heavily values tradition and chivalry, according to Lisem. She only speaks the language of Ceyan, so it's hard to tell.

Garic F'nyek, The King of F'nyek, 23, F.

Appointed during the end of the 5-year war when his father suddely dropped dead, F'nyek has sworn himself to rivalry with Lisem for what APUS did to his country. Known for his short temper, he holds the greatest army in the world in his hands, but has spent the last few years laying low. What his leadership lacks in nuance it makes up for with brute force and straightforward hostility. If one thing could be said about him, it would be that he's not a liar, nor a coward.

Lisem's Family

Xerus Rossem, M, 31.

Lisem's older brother, an ex-assassin from before the 5-year war. Though now retired, he remains in hiding between the folds of reality in a liminal space maintained by Lisem. He could be described as a shut-in to the extreme, as he never leaves and has people from the outside do all the work for him. He makes money by picking up remote freelance programming work and uses it to buy takeout, as he has no idea how to cook. His psychic powers are well beyond the normal limit, as he holds the power to see the future- or at least, he used to, before Lisem's birth. Despite his past, he despises violence and aims to be a good person for Lisem to rely on. He raised Lisem with the help of his old assassin group, and once they all fell apart because of their leader Alex's death, he took it on himself to be his sole guardian. His favorite drink is milk and his favorite food is curry cup noodle.

Alex, M, deceased.

The leader of Xerus's old assassin group. Though you would expect a guy like him to be tough, he was actually a big softie- he was Xerus's best friend, and Lisem called him his "big brother-in law." The two of them met in college, freshman year. He made sure that all the cases that the group took on were against corrupt politicians or morally awful people. His psychic powers included long distance communications- he could connect two people from anywhere in the world and project their thoughts to each other. His hobbies included playing videogames and watching movies with the two Rossems, as well as general guardian tasks such as making sure that Lisem was going to school, eating all his meals, and getting along with others. Nobody knows how he died, but the strong suspicion is that he was taken out by an opposing group.

Karen, F, 31.

Another one of Xerus's old assassin group, who met them in freshman year of college. Her psychic powers allow her to immobilize and control other people's bodies, though she refrains from doing so on moral grounds. Though she's no longer on speaking terms with Faraday, her and Xerus are still good friends, and she picks up food for him all the time. She never was as close to Lisem as Alex, but she still loves him dearly, calling him her "little bro," and bringing him gifts when she goes on trips for her office job. Though they haven't seen each other in years, the three of them text all the time.

Faraday, F, 30.

The final member of Xerus's old assassin group. Her powers included the ability to create illusions and control other people's emotions. After Alex died, she went silent and left the other three immediately. Nobody knows where she is now, but they can understand, as her and Alex were engaged.

New Characters from Ch.7 (SPOILERS!)

Lisem Rossem, M, 22.

The younger clone of Lisem, returned from the future. After a long time of self reflection, he decided to say "fuck it" to living in his older version's shadow, and has taken his life back into his own hands. He is determined to fix the future at any cost possible, and save everyone while doing it- no matter how violent he'll have to get. He is currently experimenting with antidepressants for the first time in his life, but the constant drinking probably isn't doing him any favors. He works at a starbucks.

Lisem Rossem, M, Age Unknown.

After witnessing events too horrible to recount, the Lisem from the future decided to cast all caution aside and embrace insanity to gain the power of time travel. Is he back here now to save everyone, or to doom them all? Well, it's impossible to say for certain, because he's insane. One thing you can say is that he has a very distinct personality. He enjoys fucking with people to an extreme degree, especially his clone, who he's dubbed "Jason," much to his clone's dismay. Seems to be in cahoots with the queen of Eunic, who has referenced the both of them as being "attuned to Adrestia."

Shin, F, Age Unknown (EST 15).

A mysterious child who bears a striking resemblance to Lupi and his sister, left in Erik's care. Despite this, she is perfectly well-behaved and polite at all times, so she surely can't be related to them, right? According to Erik, she holds no psychic powers, but both Lisems would doubt this account.