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E: “Hello? Is anyone back here?” ?: “Ah, welcome to my office! Come in, come in.” E: “What the hell do you want, Lupi? Money? I can give you 5.7mil.” Lu: “Haha, It’s a little too late for that, my friend.” E: “Don’t fuck with me, just tell me your ransom.” Lu: “Don’t you feel awful lying to your pet twink like that? You’re horrible, you know.” E: “He’s- You- YOU MURDERED CHILDREN! AND I REPORTED YOU FOR THAT! You’re the evil one here, not me!” Lu: “Ahh, you bore me. So argumentative.” ... “Rossem, grab him.” E: “What?” -bzz- E: “AHH-” -BZZZZZZ- Lu: “Hmm, good work. Much better this way.” L: -nods- Lu: “Ah, I’m sorry to ask, but can you un-stasis his head? I want to be able to hold a conversation. L: -nod- E: -coughing- Lu: “Well well well, who has the upper hand now? Erik, you took someone very important to me, you know. I can’t just let you go with a wrist slap.” ... “Any final last words, moron?” E: “...” Lu: “Nothing?” E: “I’m sorry, Lisem. If you think I deserve this... Then so be it. But... Lupi...” ... “You are the most despicable man I’ve ever met.” Lu: “Your common sure has come a long way since we first met! But it’s too late now. Goodnight, Erik.” S: “AAHHH!!!” -WHACK- S: “ERIK YOU STUPID BITCH IF YOU THINK IM LETTING YOU DIE” Lu: “WHAT THE HELL- OH YOU’RE DEAD, YOU’RE BOTH SO DEAD, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS” Lu: “Listen, you can come up with all the tactics you want, but, I’m still going to see you dead-” -SHHhhhhhiiiiiIIIIIING- -KKTHH- L: “Are you two ok?” ... “Yes? Ok.”