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E: “Hey, can I get a schedule for the upcoming month?” N: “Ah, Rossem’s got you doing the run-around, huh? Harsh.” E: “Ah, yeah, it’s not so bad, though.” N: “Hm, over the next month... I’m focused on trade policies and foreign relations, so I’m prepping for a call next week with Ceyan, then... I think I’m open for whatever Rossem throws at me.” E: “Ah, thank you so much! How about you, Carl?” C: “Why do I have to tell you? Sara’s gonna take your job, dude. This won’t work-”... “OW!!” N: “Sorry for him! We’ll get your schedule.” E: “Ah. Thanks.” N: “Anything you need from us, just ask!” E: “You two are pretty close, huh? What are you, dating?” N: “Really, you think I can’t do better then this?” C: “Thanks.” N: “We’re childhood friends.” E: “Oh, so you guys applied here together? That’s fun.” N: “Actually, none of us applied. Rossem pulled a list of all the recent top grads from a few colleges around APUS.” C: “Yeah, we didn’t even go to uni together. Just random chance.” E: “Huh.” ... “Wait, so you all just got a call from some random kid to go do government work, and you said yes?” N: “Well, everyone knows Rossem. So not just some ‘random kid,’ you know.” E: “Still... Why?” C: “When you’re 22, broke, depressed, and ass-deep in college debt, you’ll take any job. Even if it’s presented to you by a 16-year old kid through the messaging system in World of Warcraft.” E: “Huh.” N: “I always wanted to work for the public, make real positive change, you know! And in your chosen field of study, too? Who wouldn’t want to say yes? Pays well, too.” E: “That’s a less depressing answer.” -bing!- N: “Oh, our break is over. Sorry, Erik.” E: “Oh, no problem!” N: “I’ll get you that schedule.” E: “Thanks.”