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E: “Tonight we’re drinking.” Ef: “Oh, did something happen?” E: “Nothing good.” Ef: “Oh. Uh-oh.” E: “Here.” Ef: “Thanks. So, what’s going on?” E: “I’m gonna lose my job.” Ef: “Well, that’s no good.” E: “Yeah, dude. I really gotta keep this thing going.” Ef: “Hey, I’ve got a lot of places that I can get you work at-” E: “Dude, you don’t understand. It’s gotta be that office, and it’s gotta be for Lisem. That’s just how it has to be.” Ef: “Oh, I see.” E: “No, not like that.” Ef: “Whatever you say.” E: “Ahh, I’m just gonna get super drunk and think of a plan.” Ef: “Well, ok, but you’re gonna regret it later.” E: “I know, I know.” E: “I HAVE A PLAN!!” ... “A PLAN! I thought of one!” Ef: “You drank that bottle quick.” E: “Murder.” Ef: “Next.” E: “Seduction.” Ef: “Dude, those can’t always be your go-to’s.” E: “They always work.” Ef: “No.” E: “Fine, fine- How about this. Lisem told me to defend my job, but he also hadn’t slept for 48 hours, he was definitely just angry in the moment. Tomorrow, he;s gonna give me a chance to redeem myself, because he likes me. Then, I’ll ace that, getting my job back and kicking ass like always.” Ef: “See, that’s a good plan.” E: “All my plans are good.” Ef: “Saying ‘murder’ isn’t a plan.” E: “But it ALWAYS WORKS.” Ef: “No, it doesn’t!!” E: “Whatever, Effe. You’re just jealous.” Ef: “Of what?” E: “I don’t know.” ... “Ah, whatever. Whatever. I’ll just deal with it tomorrow.” Ef: “Wait, you still have to go in tomorrow?” E: “Yussss.” Ef: “You idiot.” E: “Just lemme pass out in peace.”