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E: “Ah, back in the office. Back to normal, until I say something else stupid to get my ass fired.” ... “Everything is normal.” E: “Hey, Sara! How’s the office holding up?” S: “Great!” E: “Awesome! Thanks for taking over while I was gone!” S: “Hm... Yeah.” E: “So... Uh... Can I have my office back?” S: “Uh... I dunno.” E: “What?” S: “Dude, you kind of suck at your job.” E: “Huh? What?” S: “You’ve been here for almost three months and I don’t think you’ve talked to half the people here.” E: “Eh?” S: “If you’re just gonna stand around saying ‘huh,’ then I’m gonna have to ask you to leave my office. I’m taking your job. You’re terrible at it, you don’t do anything you’re supposed to as department head, and the office has run nearly three times as efficient since you left and I took over. Them’s the breaks, kid.” E: “Wait, what?! You can’t do that! That’s not fair!!” S: “I think I just did.” E: “Wha- no!” S: “Yeah, dude. Clearly you’re not cut out for a higher management position.” E: “That’s stupid!” S: “You’re stupid!” N: “So, she actually did it.” C: “Absolute mad lad.” E: “Why are you trying to take my job?!” S+E: (arguing in the background) E: “Lisem!” S: “Sir!!” N: “And yet...” C: “Mirror images.” L: “...What?” E: “Um, well...” L: “No, I heard you, I just... Ugh.” ... “This isn’t something I want to be dealing with today, when I haven’t slept since I got off the plane... Listen, Listen, Listen. Erik, if someone under you thinks they can do your job and has the initiative to take it from you, then if you can’t defend your title, you don’t deserve it.” E: “Wha...” S: “Really.” L: “Ok, now go away, please.” E: “Um, hey, can I talk to you?” S: “Yeah, sure.” E: “Um, listen. I really need this job.” S: “Uh-huh.” E: “No, really. I... When I came to APUS, I had a scholarship for a college around here. But that well through, and... Well, I’ve been living in my apartment on diminishing funds for a couple months. ...This is kind of my last chance. And I know I just got lucky.” S: “Oh, geez.” E: “Uh, yeah.” S: “Look, I just don’t think we have the budget to keep you on.” E: “Aaaaaaaaahh.” S: “I’m sorry. Nothing I can do.” E: “Ah, well. Guess I’m getting smashed tonight. Do I need to come in tomorrow?” S: “Yeah, let’s give it a week.” E: “Ok.”