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E: “Heyy, everyone!” N: “Hey- hang on.” ... “What’s with the sling?” E: “Doctor says I can’t move too much or I’ll break my stitches!” N: “Stitches?” S: “Bet he fell down the stairs.” E: “Aw, come on. Lisem didn’t tell you?” N: “He doesn’t tell us anything.” L: “WHAT THE- GO HOME, ERIK!” E: “Ahh, there he is.” L: “You’re supposed to be resting!!” E: “I am! I’m just doing it here.” S: “Sir, why didn’t you tell us Erik was in the hospital?” L: “Um.” S: “we would’ve visited him.” L: “Uh.” E: “I thought you all just hated me.” S: “Of course not.” S: “What even happened?” E: “Well... We were sleeping at home when someone attacked us, so I tried to rush them, but they had a knife, and they got me pretty bad.” N: “Wow! Erik, that’s amazing!” E: “Oh, I dunno about that.” S: “It’s pretty impressive. You’re kind of a hero.” E: “I am?” N: “Oh, yeah! Running into danger head first like that... It’s so romantic!” S: “I gotta say, nice work. I’m really surprised.” N: “I bet Rossem was really impressed!” S: “Oh yeah, you were there. Did it really go down like that?” E: “Come on, I’m not a liar.” N: “I would like to know your thoughts.” L: “... It was my fault you got hurt.” ... “Excuse me.” N: “Geez.” E: “God, he’s so... I’m sorry. I’ll talk to him.” S: “Erik, you better be goddamn grateful.” E: “What?” S: “Lisem cares a lot about you.” E: “Yeah, we’re good friends.” S: “He’s never cared about another person like that before.” E: “I highly doubt that.” S: “It’s true. And if you go dying on him, he’s gonna be crushed.” E: “I... I wasn’t planning on it?” N: “Really though, Erik... This just proves that you’re just as dedicated to Rossem as the rest of us.” E: “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” N: “You’ve really earned your spot here in the office. Congratulations!” E: “Oh, thanks!” S: “How are you feeling about this whole thing?” E: “Hm. I feel...” ... “Like a professional.” S: “That’s good. Now you can start some real work.”