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E: zzz -BANG x2- L: “WHAT THH-” E: “Watch out.” L: “DUDE” E: “Wha- MY PCW!! GRAB THAT GUN!” L: “What?!” E: “Never mind.” L: “Uh- I-” -kcth- E: “Son of a-” L: “Hang on!!” ... “I got the gun!!” E: “Mm.” L: “What the hell-” -machinery powering up- -BZZZZZZZZZZP!- ?: “FUCKK!” ... “MOTHER OF-” E: “Yeah, bet that fuckin hurts, huh?!” ... “WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM?! WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS?!” ?: “I-” E: “HOLY SHIT!! I’M SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW!!” -poof- E: “HOLY SHIT I’M SO MAD! GOD!” L: “Erik!!” E: “WHAT?!” L: “Your arm!” E: “Huh. That does look bad. Ow.” L: “DON’T TOUCH IT, YOU FUCKING IDIOT! HOSPITAL! NOW!” E: “Haha, you’re worried about me! Cuute!” L: “I’m calling an ambulance.”