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-Merry Christmas!- E: “Awww geez. I’mm suuper drunk.” L: “Haha, yeah.” E: “You’re always... Soo kind. I’m soo happy to spend.. Uh...” L: “Christmas.” E: “Haha, yeah! You’re so smart!” L: “No, no.” E: “Yeahh! And you’re sooo cute!!” L: “You think? Everyone else says I’m scary.” E: “Nnoooo.” ... “Ahh, this is the most- mostest- most fun I’ve had in a while.” L: “I’m worried you’re gonna die.” E: “I’m not goin anywhere!” L: “Ok, if you say so.” E: “I promise!” ... “Eighh! You’re so cold!! We gotta get you back to home with a hot blanket!” L: “Huh?!” E: “Hurry up! Walk faster! Be fast!” L: “Geez! Ok!” E: “We made it home in one piece.” L: “Mhm, we sure did.” E: “Thanks, Lis.” L: “No problem.” E: “Ugh. I’m coming down.” L: “Are you ok?” E: “Never better.” L: “Oh, I’m sorry.” E: “It’s my fault.” L: “Aw.” E: “Hey, what’s this?” L: “Mistletoe.” E: “Well, yeah. Why’s it here?” L: “Dunno. I didn’t put it there.” E: “I don’t remember putting it up. Maybe while I was drunk yesterday...” L: “That’s possible.” E: “Well, do you know what it means?” L: “No.” E: “Well, it, um, it means that we have to, um, well, if two people are under it, they have to kiss.” L: “Oh, I saw that in a manga once.” E: “You read a lot of manga? That’s cute.” L: “N-NO! Manga’s for kids!! E: “...Merry Christmas, Lisem.” L: “Huh?” “-!!” E: “Shit. I’m still more drunk then I thought. I’m... I’m really sorry.” L: “It’s ok.” E: “No, it’s not. It’s really not.” ... “I’m gonna... I’m gonna sleep.” L: “Ok.” E: “Um... Yeah.” L: “I can’t believe that shit really worked.” -THE NEXT MORNING- E: “God, my head hurts. I don’t remember a thing.” L: “Oh, that’s lucky.” E: “Huh?” L: “Nothing.”