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E: “It’s almost Christmas.” L: “Mm.” E: “What are we doing?” L: “I dunno.” ... “Wait, what?” E: “I was thinking we should go all out at a fancy restaurant, really treat ourselves for four months hard work.” L: “I- Um- I hardly think that’s appropriate.” E: “Aw, come on. Haven’t we earned it?” L: “What- I- You know I can’t say yes in good conscience- I’m your boss.” E: “What the hell are you talking about?” L: “I- Let’s- We’ll talk about it at home, ok?” E: “You’re so weird.” E: “And then he left. What the hell?” S: “You’re not very smart, huh.” E: “Come on. Help me here.” S: “You were born and raised in F’nyek, right?” E: “Keep it on the down-low.” S: “I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’re christian.” E: “Yeah, why?” S: “Lisem is Adrestian.” E: “So?” S: -SIGH- E: “PLEASE?!” S: “Fine, I’ll explain.” E: “Thank you.” S: “So you see on this map the location of APUS, right? And the filled-in bits are old urou-sadia.” E: “Ok?” S: “Urousadia was an exclusively Adrestian country, and when it merged into Apus and started accepting F’nyek people in, Christian traditions came as well, like Christmas. But, since people here aren’t Christian, it turned into something else.” E: “I’m still not following.” S: “It’s for dating. Christmas here is about dating. Big dummy.” E: “Ah. That explains a lot.” E: “Hey, Lis.” L: “Wha- you’re still here?” E: “No, it’s 3am. I just woke up and you weren’t there, so I got worried.” L: “Oh. Sorry.” E: “I hope you’re not avoiding me because of what I said. I... I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to spend Christmas with my friends this year, so... I’m sorry.” L: “Oh, I know.” E: “Huh?” L: “You’re F’nyeki, probably Christian, based on the way you swear at home.” E: “How does everyone know this but me?” L: “I’m not avoiding you. I wanted to get ahead in work so we could have time to do something.” E: “Really?” L: “Yeah. It seemed important to you.” E: “Lisem... I don’t know what to say...” L: “Aw, geez. Consider it a part of your Christmas present.” E: “Oh, um, speaking of Christmas presents, I know we’re a few days off, but... In case you were mad, I brought you yours early. You want?” L: “The responsible thing would be to say no, but... Yes, please.” ... “You didn’t have to do this.” E: “You got me a gift. And I wanted to, anyways.” L: “Thank you so much!” E: “You haven’t even opened it yet, Lis. I hope you like it.” L: “No matter what it is, I’m sure I’ll... Love... It...” -Nintendo Switch- E: “Um, I don’t know anything about computers, so if this is a bad gift, lemme know.” L: “E” E: “I thought I heard you mention a ‘nintendo’ before, and I don’t think I’ve seen you with something like this at home.” L: “E” E: “Is this ok? Lis?” L: “E” ... “Holyshit dude” E: “You like it?!” L: “So much” E: “Good!”