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E: “Lisem?” ... “Lis?!” L: “Hey!” E: “You scared me. Geez.” L: “Sorry.” E: “How you feeling?” L: “Fine.” ... “Actually, you know what? I called my big brother and told him how I felt, and he figured out what was wrong with me! I feel totally better! Isn’t that great?” E: “That’s awesome! What was it?” L: “Um... It had to do with my... blood sugar.” E: “Ah, ok.” L: “So, where did you go?” E: “I had to meet Sara to process some paperwork. We weren’t sure if my hiring was legal or not.” L: “Oh, good, I was gonna talk to you about that.” E: “Yeah.” ... “Hey, could I ask you something?” L: “Sure.” E: “Why’s your blood pink?” L: “Um... What?” E: “You coughed up pink blood this morning.” L: “What the hell are you talking about? That’s not a thing.” E: “Lisem, I’m sure of what I saw. What’s the deal.” L: “Come on.” E: “And you have things you shouldn’t at weird times, you never pack anything on trips, you always get in without a key, and oh, you hit me with a hundred megawatts of electricity when we first met. I saw pink for a week.” L: “Ah.” ... “Um... I... I can’t tell you why.” E: “You don’t trust me?” L: “No, of course I trust you. And it’s very interesting that you can see... Um... hm.” E: “Is it related to your brother?” L: “No, no.” ... “Listen. If I tell you something like that, and you leave... I’d be putting myself in an awful situation.” E: “Oh, Lisem, I’m not going to...” L: “Your silence is disconcerting.” E: “I’m thinking.” ... “It’s been four months of my life working for you. And these past four months, I’ve been happier then I have in years. If I had to leave, I don’t think I’d be able to go back to my old life. I’d miss working too much. And I’d miss you.” ... “But... I can’t promise you that I’ll never have to leave. And... It’s unfair for me to ask personal details of yours in return, I guess.” ... “That’s just what I’m thinking, though.” L: “Yeah, ok.” E: “I feel deeply unfulfilled.” L: “That’s normal.” E: “I guess... I’ll sleep now.” L: “Ok.”