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L: “Ok, let’s work!” E: “Can we go home yet?” S: “Hey, dipshit.” ... “You haven’t done any work in two days. Do this.” E: “I’m watching Lisem.” S: “Do two things, then.” E: “I mean, just look at him! He’s clearly not well! Idiot.” S: “Yeah.” E: “He doesn’t listen.” S: “He does look bad.” ... “Hey, Erik? Can we talk after work?” E: “What, are you stupid? I’m taking Lisem to see a doctor immediately after we get off today.” S: “I’d like to talk to you about your previous work experience.” E: “I know, I don’t have any, but now’s hardly-” S: “Work experience out of the public sector.” E: “Yeah, I know, but-” S: “Oh my god.” ... “You’re so fuckin’ dense. I know you work for an assassin guild.” E: “Oh.” S: “Meet me after work at the bar across the train station. Got it?” E: “Ok.” L: “Ah... What a day.” ... “Hey, are you ok? You’ve been really-” E: “Lisem, I, I’m really sorry, I gotta run. Ok? L: “Huh? Where?” E: “Don’t worry about it.” L: “Well, now I’m more worried.” E: “mmdsn’t involve you.” L: “When- Are you coming back?” E: “Yesh” L: “You promise?” E: “Yesh” L: “Really?” E: “Yesh” ... “Here, take this.” L: “Um... Ok?” E: “It goes on the top shelf. I’ll see you later tonight.” L: “You’ll be back?” E: “I’ll be back.” ... “See you later.” L: “Ok.” E: “Hey.” S: “Thanks for joining me tonight.” E: “Well, I don’t have a choice, do I?” S: “Aw, come on.” E: “How much do you know? Hey- two shots of whiskey, please!” S: “You don’t have to buy me a drink.” E: “These are both for me.” S: “Ah.” E: “Thanks.” S: “So I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve called you here today.” E: “I need to get back to Lisem. Please make this quick.” S: “I’d advise you not to piss me off, or else all the info I have is getting sent right to Rossem. Same thing if you take me out. It’s automatic.” E: “Ok, so what info is it?” S: “I know you work for a group called the ‘Black Magnolias.’” E: “MMM” S: “And I know that you’ve got a long-term monitor request on Rossem, and I know that you’ve killed over 100 people in 6 years-” E: “WHA- Where did you get that name?!” S: “I-” E: “Oh my god! Are you insane?! You’re gonna be killed!! You can’t just say shit like that!” S: “You can’t scare me out of blackmailing you.” E: “Listen, I- That’s- You could die! I’ll give you the monitoring job, but just forget the organization, ok?” S: “So you’re saying my intel is correct?” E: “You can’t be serious.” S: “I’m deadly serious.” E: “Sure. Whatever. I’m already a failure of an assassin.” S: “Yeah, you’re not really the type I expected. Too stupid.” E: “I knoooooow I only wanted to stop all the bad guys. But Lisem’s not bad at all... My heart feels like it’s going to implode...” S: “You’re so open about it, too. I thought you’d at least try to deny it for a bit.” E: “I’m pretty drunk. And tired. And I hate lying.” S: “I don’t get it. Why’d you take a job like this?” E: “I fucked it up. Shouldn’t have gotten hired. ‘Spposed to be viewing from the outside.” S: “Rossem probably picked up on that, and that’s why he hired you.” E: “Really?!” S: “Yeah. You have no skills.” E: “That’s true!” S: “Well... Maybe that’s a bit harsh-” E: “No, no! That makes sense! I was just talking to him a while back about humoring me! You’re so smart, Sara!!” ... “Aaah... And i really wanted him to like me, tooo...” S: “He likes you fine.” E: “Nooo.” S: “Hey, wait a second. This isn’t Erik’s sob story time. I’m trying to blackmail you here.” E: “You’re not gonna turn me in? Or tell Lisem?” S: “I don’t get anything out of that, and I don’t think you’re gonna hurt him. I want you to work for me.” E: “What kind of work? If you want someone murdered, I’ll need a 3 week heads-up. My work’s a 40, 50k value. It’s also got prestige value because of my success record.” S: “FIFTY THOUSAND?! ...Wait, I don’t need anyone killed!! What the hell?!” E: “What, you want me to break someone’s legs? Somethin’ like that?” S: “NO! I meant, like, around the office! Don’t hurt anyone!!” E: “Wait, why even bother with the blackmail?” S: “Well, it’s like Rossem always says. It doesn’t hurt to have these types of people in your back pocket.” E: “I guess.” S: “And... I wasn’t sure if once I confronted you, you’d turn into a completely different person.” E: “Oh, yeah. Those guys always think they’re so cool, too... Fuckin’ hate em.” S: “You’re just... A normal person, I guess. And you seem to genuinely do your job at the office, whateevr that may be.” E: “I know. I shouldn’t give a shit about any of you, but I keep wanting to work hard to take the load off everyone, even if it is my fake job.” S: “Well, maybe don’t call it your fake job, because it’s my full time real one.” E: “Ahhh, I’m so relieved.” S: “Why? I’m blackmailing you.” E: “But I at least have one person I don’t have to lie to. Feels good!!” S: “You’re so strange. E: “So, are we good?” S: “Yeah, I think.” ... “Wait! Are you poisoning Rossem?!” E: “What? No!!” S: “Why’s he so sick all the time?!” E: “Not all the time. His sleep schedule is atrocious, and it screws him over.” S: “Oh.” E: “Ok, I’m going home. Night.” S: “Night.”