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E: “I know I said call me if something happens, but, 3am... Son of a bitch better have a good excuse-” ... “Oh, shit.” L: “Mm.” E: “Oh- Oh my god, I’m... Sorry I took so long to get over here...” L: “No kidding. It’s been like 20 minutes. I had time to take a shower. Someone tried to kill me.” E: “Hey, you’re bleeding!! What the fuck?!” L: “Wha- don’t just TOUCH me! What’s gotten into you?! I said, someone tried to kill me! Jeez!” E: “Ahh, this really pisses me off! I’m so mad!” L: “How do you think I feel?!” E: “Argh!! This sucks!” ... “Ok, you’re moving in with me.” L: “The chance of that happening is so low, the fact you even suggested it proves that your intelligence rivals that of a sponge.” E: “Do you wanna die, or no?” L: “Not particularly. I also don’t want to randomly move in with you.” E: “Rossem, you have a DNK on your head. Do you know what that means?” L: “Yes.” E: “It means do not kill.” L: “I said, I know.” E: “For someone to violate that, they’d have to be incredibly stupid, or incredibly good.” L: “Yeah.” E: “Get it through your fucking head, Lisem! You could DIE! And I wouldn’t be able to help you!!” ... “Fuck, I... Sorry. Sorry. I know you’re just pretending to be not worried because you’re scared. And I’m just making it worse. I know this. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t yell at you. I... It won’t happen again.” ... “I know, I’m not making any sense, I’m acting weird... I’m sorry. I’m a mess I- I had a few drinks before I made it over here. Sorry.” L: “Fine, I’ll move in with you.” E: “Eh?” ... “No- wait- I-” L: “I’ll grab my stuff. Hold this gun.” E: “Why... Why aren’t you mad? How...” L: “Just until things die down, ok?” E: “But...” L: “Listen. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I can tell you this- you will never figure out what I am thinking. I didn’t become a world leader by making brash decisions, or by dying. I’m not planning on doing either. Do you remember what I told you? Your job is to listen to my orders, and nothing else. Understand?” E: “...Yes, sir.” L: “’Yes’ is damn right. Help me grab my stuff.”