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N: “Hey, Halloween is today.” J: “Seriously?” C: “I thought it was tomorrow!” E: “No way! We should do something!” C: “No shit, Sherlock.” T: “Hey, Sara-” S: “I don’t care, do whatever. We’re all ahead.” E: “YEAH!” J: “What should we do?” N: “How about a costume contest?” J: “None of us have costumes, though...” N: “Then what about a party?” J: “None of us have supplies for that.” C: “Um... Why don’t we just go out for drinks after work?” Chorus: “Oh, good idea!” “Yeah!” “I’m in.” “Hey, wait a second.” E: “If we do that, Lisem won’t have any fun.” N:”Oh.” T: “I just assumed he wouldn’t want to come.” S: “Yeah, he’s just gonna say he’s busy.” E: “Well, I’ll go ask him.” N: “Don’t bother Rossem for something so stupid! Geez.” E: “Knock knock.” L: “Yeah?” E: “Some of us were thinking about doing something after work-” L: “I’m busy.” E: “Please?” L: “No.” E: “Please?” L: “No.” E: “You don’t even know what we’re doing.” L: “You’re going to a bar, right? I can’t drink.” E: “I’ll buy you one.” L: “Tempting, but no.” E: “Lisem’s out.” S: “Couldn’t win him over with your himbo guiles, huh...” E: “What?” S: “Nevermind, let’s just plan where we’re gonna drink.” E: “Fine.” E: “Everyone’s having a lot of fun...” C: “Aren’t you?” E: “Ah, you know! I wish Lisem was here.” C: “Tch. So annoying.” E: “Yeah, well, you’re... You’re short.” C: “Geez. How many drinks have you had?” E: “Um... 12?” C: “TWELVE?! In an HOUR?!” L: “Aw, geez... back when I was a government physicist, I used to drink 20 shots a night.” C: “How are you not dead.” E: “I ask myself that every day, dude.” C: “Hey, me too. ...You were a government physicist?” E: “...No.” C: “No?” E: “No.” C: “Jeez.” E: “Heeey, don’t think so hard! Just drink!!” C: “Jeez. You’re a mess, huh.”