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J: “Good morning, boss-” L: “カール。今私の事務所。(Carl. My office, now.)” J: “He wants you in his office.” C: “Shit. I’m getting fired, huh.” E: “Mm?” L: (Listen- just- solve it, ok?!) C: (What do you want me to do?!) L: “I don’t know, you tell me! Crack down on these assassin groups!” C: “But you don’t want a bodyguard-” L: “Is not being assassinated in my house too much to ask these days?!” E: “Hang on. What’s going on?” C: “Hey!” L: “Wh- Don’t just walk into my office!” E: “I hear something about assassin groups. Which ones? Edifice? Vanilluxe?” L: “I- I don’t fucking know! Why would I know that?” E: “Sorry.” L: “But I’ve been attacked 2 times in my house this week! And I’m pissed.” E: “Wait, seriously?” L: “YEAH!?” E: “Shit. I’ll handle it.” L: “You’ll handle it?” E: “I’ll handle it.” L: “Grrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaat! I don’t know what the hell that means, but if you solve it, that’d be great!” E: “No problem. Gimme 3 days.” L: “Sure! Why not.” C: “You’re looking for a job, right? Wanna do security if you’re so good at it?” E: “Oh, yeah, sure! I’m good at-” C: “Being a meat wall?” E: “What? What does that mean?” C: “You can be Lisem’s bodyguard.” ... “Awesome. That’s my job done. Bye.” E: “Oh. Bye?”... “If anything happens in the meantime, just call me, ok?” L: “You realize you’re not actually my bodyguard, right?”