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E: “So... The Felklands, huh...” L: “Yes, that’s our current location.” E: “I feel underdressed.” L: “You shouldn’t. We’ll go to the hotel, rest up, then spend all of tomorrow prepping for meetings and diplomatic exchanges.” E: “What?! Can’t we go somewhere fun?!” L: “Fine, I’ll do the prep work for tomorrow, and you can go explore.” E: “No way!!” ... “Come on, I’ve only visited like, three places!! Let’s do something now!” L: “Geez.” ... “Listen, I’d love to, but this is one of the largest responsibilities I take on a year. If I shirk that, I lose the trust of the APUS citizenship.” E: “Counterpoint- Nobody cares if you act like a human for a day, and if you overwork yourself for too long you get crabby, and you start making decisions out of spite.” L: “Damnit. You shouldn’t be allowed to know me this well.” ... “Ok, you’ve convinced me. Let’s explore.” E: “YEAH!!” E: “Oh, this is such a nice photo! Thank you, ma’am! (Look, Lisem!)” L: “Let me fix my hair first.” ?: “Of course! You two are very cute together!” E: “Oh- we’re not- uh- thank you.”