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L: “Uh... Shoot. It’s getting late. We need to get back to the hotel.” E: “Oh, ok.” L: “Hm.” E: “You’ve been working for a while. You should rest.” L: “No.” E: “I’m serious.” L: “Lots to do.” E: “...” L: “wow, did i write this...? when?” E: “Hey, I like you a lot.” L: “Oh, thanks. Do you remember when I wrote this draft address?” ... “Um, wait, what? Huh?” E: “You’re a good person. I’m sure that you’ll nail this speech stuff tomorrow.” L: “Oh. Um... Thank you.” ... “You’re so strange.” E: “I just say what’s in my head. You should try it sometimes.” L: “Maybe I will.” ... “I don’t want to do this speech work. I want to sleep.” E: “Then sleep.” L: “Fine.” ... “Um... Why do you think I’m a good person?” E: “What do you mean?” L: “I screw around too much. I focus too much on external politics. I lack confidence and presence.” E: “You really undersell yourself. Before I met you, I thought you were going to be an 18-year old figurehead. You don’t have to put in all the work you do for APUS. Frankly, your integrity and passion is commendable, especially considering you started when you were what, 15? If I was running a country at that age, I would have completely fucked it up.” L: “Um... Wow. I only got this position by taking advantage of the confusion by the unification of Urousadia and those buffer states. I used my age as a symbol of change, and that’s how I won. I didn’t really “earn” my position, you know.” E: “God, you... You’re so damn smart. You came up with that at 15?” L: “My brother did most of the work.” E: “You have a brother?” L: “Yeah, but it’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone, or I’ll have to kill you. He’s not on any censuses or paperwork either.” E: “You have a secret brother. What’s he like.” L: “Um.. Elusive. Reticent. Dominant. Dickish.” E: “Huh. Care to elaborate.” L: “Not really.” E: “Ok.” ... “Well, ok then. Goodnight.” L: “Night.”