【 Iversia: Variant Q has been released! 】


It's a game I made back in like 2020, and it exists! If you encounter a bug I am sorry but im not going to fix it at this point

sorry that all the colors are so weird and everyone is white this was back when i didnt know how to draw. im still keeping the game download up since i think the writing is pretty good but a lot of stuff in it differs from the plot of the comic after chapter like, 4, and all the other graphical stuff. just keep that in mind while playing it. but you know this isn't meant to be whitewashing for the sake of selling a product, this is just me making this game and then in the future when i had more technical skills going back and making my characters darker to match the way they are in my head. hope you still enjoy the writing though :)

Basically you play as an amnesiac in Iversia and you get to go around and talk to a bunch of people. There's a good end and a bad end!

Here's some screenshots!

Stuck? Can't get the good end? Read this!

-When Lupi hesistates to open the file, click "it's because the SD card was in my pocket."

-When Carl asks if you have any fixations, answer "Yes."

-When Erik asks if you have time to talk about the cipher, say "It sounds interesting."

These should be the checks that can stop you from getting the good end. Hope this helps!