Hello, you've found yourself on my self advertising painting page! o/

My name is Michael Bausch, I'm an Oregon-based fine artist. I'm currently pursuing a general science degree at PSU with a focus on modern physics and pure math. I'm a 22 year old gamer, so you know I'm legit.

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I started painting with acrylics during the pandemic in 2021 with some final fantasy tests. I also made some stuff for my friends and family. I am currently looking to take personalized commissions, particularly full-scale paintings themed around people's video game lives. However, I want to make commemorative, one-of-a-kind paintings for any occasion, so I'm open to any work!

2021 paintings:

More recently (in 2023/24), I finished a painting for my cousin's wedding and my brother and I's splatoon wins (much different scales...):

I like playing with video game ideas in paintings, so the splatoon one has detachable badges and UI with velcro. The wedding one has around an inch of clear coat on it.

Anyways, you want to buy some art? I make custom landscape paintings of any size, I particularly enjoy commemorative videogame paintings. However, due to the custom nature, physical size, and finishing process, they are quite expensive for me to make as they are a huge time sink. The benefit this gives you (as the consumer) is an extremely personalized and unique final product, where I continually check in with you to make sure you're liking how it looks. You also get to hang it in your home when I ship it to you!

A "small" painting is around 1' x 1.5', $600. A "medium" painting is around 1.5' x 2', $800. A "large" painting is around 2' x 3', $1000.

Small, medium and large pictured above, I made these paintings in 21/22. It does make a huge difference in terms of proportion: a smaller painting is perfect for above a desk, a larger painting is excellent in a hallway or staircase. In terms of time, it will take me 3-4 weeks for larger paintings, and 2-3 for smaller ones.

I am just one person, so this pays for the shipping, work, materials, time, everything. It also supports my education costs and helps me pay back my parents before I graduate, so thanks!

Please email me if interested! My contact is mikejbausch@gmail.com.

In terms of transaction, just tell me what you're interested in size-wise, where you're located (for shipping purposes, I can't ship everywhere) and most importantly, your idea for the painting. My ideal client is someone who has a strong memory of a video game and wants to immortalize it in a painting forever, especially if it's shared with someone else. I will give you a series of sketches based on what you tell me in our emails, and if you want to proceed further with the painting, you can pay me a third of the final price. We can complete the transaction 100% when the painting is shipped, I find this is the best way to do online purchases in general. I accept through paypal and zelle so you can mark it as payment for a good. I will be sure to update you at least once a week on my progress to make sure you're liking it, and I will tell you when I finish each stage: sketching, painting, coating, and final touches.

Thank you very much for reading my advert! I hope you are intereted in doing business with me!