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Lu: "Rgh" ... "mmm" -snap- Lu: "Good morning, world!" ... "It's poor form to spend a night in another man's house, I know, but... These are unusual times, are they not?" ... "I bet you'd never had thought I'd be helping a bunch of normies, ey? Me either! But, the blonde lady seems really kind! I don't think she's a bad person. I know you can never trust these types of people, but, I dunno... I'm gonna be an idiot this time, yeah." ... "I really should eat, huh. Wonder what they've got in their fridge. Let's see!" ... "Oh, wow... So much here..." ... "Oh, this is pretty much empty, good. They don't miss it." ... "N' I should prolly wear somethin a bit nicer too, I guess..." -CRUNCH- -poof- Lu: "いただきます。" (Itadakimasu.) ... "well, then, let's get on with the show, shall we?" -POOF-