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N: "No go on the exclusivity, huh?" L: "No." N: "I dunno what else we can offer, at this point." L: "I know, I know." N: "What about something more personal? Favors?" L: "Ah, maybe?" ... "I'm sorry, I'm getting frustrated." N: "Rossem, I'm trying here..." L: "I know. That's what's making me frustrated." N: "I'm sorry..." L: "No, no. I'm just gonna call it here for tonight. I'm going for a walk." N: "Alright." P: "[You look nervous.]" V: "[Of course I'm nervous. He's here.]" P: "[Ah, so it's like that...]" V: "[Of course.]" P: "[Don't worry so much. We'll find out what he wants, and then get rid of him.]" V: "[I know.]" P: "[I'll take care of everything.]" V: "[Of course.]" P: "[And you know why?]" V: "[Why?]" P: "[Because I love you, silly!]" V: "[I love you too, Jas.]" P: "Muah." V: "Hehe." ... L: "Um... Hey."