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-beep x2- E: "Uggggh" Lu: "These photos of the two of you are nice. You both look really happy." E: "if you're here to kill me, I won't go down so easy. Last time I let you win." Lu: "No, no." Lu: "When I heard you two talking yesterday, my first thought was, 'if he fucks this kid up, I'm going to kill him.' But you really care about him, don't you." ... "So, I gues we're both changing." E: "I have a GUN." Lu: "I just wanted to say... I forgive you for what you did to my sister." E: "Yeah?" Lu: "Yeah. I'm not going after you anymore." E: "You're so weird. You've always been weird, but this is double weird." Lu: "Haha, straightforwards as ever, huh. Maybe I was wrong." ... "I gotta go. I'll be watching." E: "Creepy. Please don't." -poof- E: "What the fuck just happened?"