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E: "Good morning." L: "Hey." E: "You weren't there when I woke up." L: "I had a meeting." E: "How did it go?" L: "Dissapointing." ... "I wanted to see if I could barter with Ceyan cabinet members to get out of this easy, but no dice." E: "I'm sorry." L: "Ah, it's ok. We'll find something they want." E: "I love your positive attitude!" L: "Yes! I'm sure everything will turn out fine." E: "Do you want to go walk around?" L: "I have a place in mind." ... E: "It's beautiful. How did you find this?" L: "I have a bunch of places like this stored away in my brain for when my brother feels better." E: "Is he sick?" L: "No, no. He's been hiding out for years and refuses to leave the house." E: "Oh, that's not good. Can I ask why?" L: "Oh, sure." L: "I wasn't just raised by my brother. I was raised by his... College friends, too. Mainly him and a close friend named Alex. But all of them were involved in a lot of assassin stuff, too, so... Alex was killed. And... None of us four ever recovered." E: "I'm sorry." L: "Don't, you'll just make me tired." E: "Is it wrong to worry about you?" L: "It's in the past. Doesn't affect the present." E: "How could it not? Lis, you're... Involved with an assassin now." L: "Am I?" E: "By my standards, yes." L: "Ah." ... "I don't want to speak in any certain terms, in case you don't feel the same way I do." E: "HOW are you this bad at picking social cues." L: "I don't know." E: "If I were anybody else, I'd be worried about your ability to run a country." L: "Aw, come on. It's not THAT bad." E: "It's pretty bad, dude. But pretty cute, too." L: "Well, I'll still try my best to get better." E: "Come on." ... "Lis..." L: "Hey. No. Not out here." ... "I'm sorry, I just... We're trying to get out of something here. If anyone saw us, we'd be majorly screwed. I'm not making that mistake." E: "I'm sorry, Lisem." L: "It's fine, it's fine. You;re fine." E: "No, I screwed it up like I said I would." L: "Nothing is 'screwed.'" ... "I'm just being paranoid. Please don't take it as a measure of you as a person." E: "You're always just... Looking out for me." L: "No, I'm... I don't want to lose you." E: "You keep saying that, but at this point, I'm not going anywhere. Dude, I'm not a psychologist, but... I think you've been traumatized." L: "What? That's impossible, I'm a functioning adult." E: "That doesn't mean you can't have it. You're always worried about me leaving, you've always been that way. Trauma isn't allencompasing." L: "Oh, god." E: "I'm sorry if I overstepped-" L: "You're right. That's why I can't tell you how I feel. That's why I can't trust anyone. I haven't moved past this. How can I- I can't do my job! I can't do anything!" E: "What the hell do you mean?" L: "I- I'm a broken person! I can't be trusted with a country!" E: "But you're exactly the same person you were yesterday. And you were doing great then." ... "it's just a tool to understand your brain." L: "You're right." E: "I've been to my fair share of therapists, and that's what they like to say." L: "You've gone through this too?" E: "Oh, yeah! Killing people will mess your brain up real good." L: "You're right. I feel... Better. More sane." E: "Good, hearing you talk like that is... Scary." L: "Sorry." E: "No, don't apologize." ... "I'm here for you, always. It's ok." L: "Oh, now you've got me doing it." E: "Haha, sorry."