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P: "[Hello, Rossem. It's good to see you.]" V: "My name is Victoria, and I'll be actnig as the translator for the arch-princess." L: "Ah, ok." ... "It's good to see you too!" P: "[Yes, yes! My apologies for dragging you out here.]" L: "Ah, it's not a problem at all. In fact, it's always wonderful to see you." ... "I hope today finds you well. Your smile is infectious." P: "[Let's get you a hotel room, shall we?]" L: "Oh, thank you!" ... E: "Are you cold?" L: "No, I'm ok, but thanks." E: "You look cold." L: "Are you feeling better?" E: "Yes? No? A bit of both." L: "What's wrong?" E: "I can't bear to see you be with someone else, even if it isn't real. You should send me home." L: "No, I want you here." E: "But I'm gonna blow it." L: "Then just spend all your time looknig for a backup plan if this doesn't work. That would be helpful." E: "What are you going to do if you can't get out of this?" L: "I'm not even considering that." E: "Lisem, please." L: "I won't. I won't lose you." E: "That's really nice. Thanks." L: "Yeah, I mean, I care about you." E: "Aw." L: "I mean it." ... "Not to mention your hand tastes better then hers, too." E: "Haha, come on, Lis!" L: "Sorry, sorry!" E: "Let's work hard tonight so we can sightsee tomorrow." L: "Good idea!"