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N: "We need to do something immediately." L: "Yes, yes." N: "Losing the buffer states is a big deal. You know this." E: "Well, what can we do?" N: "YOU can't do anything. Lisem has to get more allies." L: "Yeah, yeah. How's talks with Ceyan? They want me to go over?" N: "Sure." ... "Lisem, you might have to really pay up this time." L: "If possible, I'd like to avoid that." N: "You made a promise." L: "And my priorities changed." N: "I'm glad, Rossem. I never approved of your choice in the first place." L: "Yeah, yeah. It was pretty malinformed." N: "Let me know what I can do to support you." L: "I need to get out of this." E: "Don't worry, Lise." N: "You need another reason to cement that relationship." L: "Yeah..." N: "I'll chart a plane for us right away." L: "Buy three tickets." N: "Why?" L: "Erik." N: "He's coming?" L: "Yeah, of course." E: "Where Lisem goes, I go." E: "Yes." N: "Simple enough." ... N: "Are you ok?" E: "Headache." N: "Ah, I'm sorry." E: "It's ok." L: "What is it?" E: "Alcohol withdrawl." L: "Oh, no... I'm sorry." ... "Stay strong." E: "Hey." L: "Ugh, you're embarrasing me." E: "You're the one who did it." N: "If you two are done being weird, I think I have a plan." L: "Really. What?" N: "If you want to get out of your stupid marriage, just find out what the princess wants most, and give that to her instead." L: "That makes sense, but I think that using government resources to solve my own problems is... Questionable." N: "You're absolutely right it is." L: "And you're not butting in?" N: "This isn't a you problem, it's an international problem." L: "Ah, in that case, I don't feel bad." N: "Good. You shouldn't." L: "Let's get ready for our landing."