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E: "You're holding up surprisingly well." L: "I am and I'm not." E: "Are we going home?" L: "Yeah, there's nothing for us here." ... "I'm a little worried." E: "Oh, NOW you're worried?" L: "Yes. We needed that connection. ...I might just have to cash in my check with Ceyan." E: "What check?" L: "You won't like it." E: "Try me." L: "I promised the arch-princess of Ceyan that I would marry her." E: "You're right, I don't like that. What's wrong with you? Why would you promise that?" L: "It was a sound political decision." E: "Yeah, but, you don't even like... I mean, you didn't want to get married?" L: "At the time, my only wants were the safety of the country." E: "And not anymore." L: "No. To be honest, I never considered that there was anyone out there that would be compatible with my lifestyle. Everything about me is so strange." E: "You think we're compatible?" L: "Yes, I do." E: "What a clinical way of putting it..." L: "Is that bad?" E: "Nah. I think so to." L: "Good!" E: "Yeah." L: "Then we're in this together." E: "Of course, always." L: "Heh... You've got me smiling, even at a time like this." E: "It's a nice feeling!" L: "Yeah!" ... "I'll deal with the Ceyan situation, don't worry." E: "Promise?" L: "Of course. And the whole war." E: "I'll do whatever I can to help, just let me know." L: "Just stay by my side." E: "Of course." L: "Thank you." -chu- L: "I'm sorry, that felt appropriate." E: "It was, it was. Trust me." L: "Um, at any, uh, rate, we need to figure out what to do at the office." E: "Let's get going."