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L: "Our last day in this tiny hotel room." La: "Thank goodness." L: "No kidding, We've been here for over a week." ... "Hey, did you come up with an idea of what you want to do, yet?" La: "Um, I have a few, now." L: "Nice!" La: "Thank you for asking." L: "I mean, I was a little worried about you. You seem to have a lot of stuff going on." La: "Maybe so, but it felt really good to do the right thing, and tell the truth! Even if it's not what Ms. Opilione would want. It's what I thought I should do." L: "Um, yeah, I'm happy for you. Thanks for saving my, well, our, asses." La: "Oh, and since we can freely use psychic powers again, can you heal Lupi, please?" L: "Oh, um... To tell the truth, I wasn't planning to, but... Do you really think he won't be a threat to Erik and I anymore?" La: "I can promise it! He's a good person." L: "I... I trust you. I don't think you've told a single lie this whole time." La: "I don't believe in lying. So when I say Lupi really wants to do the right thing, you can trust me absolutely." L: "Ok." ... "Then let's get going, shall we? It'll only take a minute." La: "Thank you, so much!" ... "I really appr... Huh." Lu: "I'LL GIVE YOU FIVE SECONDS TO SPEAK, TRAITOR!!" ... "WELL?!" T: "I- I- Uh-" S: "Boss-" -END CHAPTER FOUR-