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L: "we're going to be seeing the same woman we spoke to a few months ago, at the international conference." E: "Andrena? She was nice." L: "Yeah, this should be easy." ?: "Hello again, Rossem." E: "Annabelle?" ?: "It's nice to see you two, even under these circumstances." L: "Where's Andrena?" ?: "She had to take an... abrupt leave of absence." E: "Why?" ?: "Death in the family. Awful tragedy. I will be taking over the buffer territories in her stead." L: "You bastard. Who are you really?" ?: "I'm not a liar. I'm an archangel of Adrestia, just like I told Erik." ... "I am an elite member of the Eunic army, dispatched to stop you from securing resources. My name is Laniatores. And as of now, I am your enemy." Lu: "I would advise against shooting, Erik. It's an act of war in this embassy." E: "WHAT THE FUCK!!" Lu: "Hahaha! Are you that scared of me?" La: "Lupi, haven't you caused enough trouble?" ... "You're already in trouble with the queen for acting without orders." Lu: "Haha, so sorry, Lani! I'm just too excited about our guests!" La: "Keep it together. I don't want to see you demoted again." E: "So you're behind this war." Lu: "So small-minded!! Of course not. Not everything is about you, you know." L: "So we'll be getting no help from the buffer states." La: "No, sorry." L: "Why are you doing this to me?" La: "Queen Opilione wants to see if you are truely chosen by the gods." ... "I suggest you two take your leave now, as that's all I can give you." L: "Alright, I can take a hint."