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-slam- ?: "I sentence the defendents to 6 months of jail time for their crimes." E: "This is, by far, the worst idea you've ever had." L: "Calm down. This is all according to plan." ?: "You may now exit my court and start your incarceration. Our baliffs will accompany you." L: "Of course, your honor." ?: "Court dismissed." Ja: "Unngh... I'm getting a stomachache..." L: "Come on." G: "Well, well, well. Look at who wandered into my courts." ... "Have you been enjoying your time in my holding cell?" L: "Hello, Garic." G: "Does it piss you off, knowing I have you trapped?" L: "Assuming I'm trapped is a bold move." G: "It is?" L: "You've known me for years. You know I don't make mistakes. But, more importantly... You've seen the news. You have no IDEA what kinds of things I can do. And being here? Was my plan all along." Ja: His plan... Is LYING? E: "Oh, nooo..." G: "Oh, yeah? And how so?" L: "I WAnted to show you that I'm willing to play by your own rules." G: "And why's that?" L: "Because Eunic won't." G: "Ahh." "Ah, so it's like that... You want a peace treaty." L: "Yes." G: "Now, you pose a good point about Eunic as a threat. But you've forgotten one crucial detail." L: "And what's that?" G: "I don't like you." L: "What, so you're just gonna let millions of people DIE because you don't like me, specifically?" G: "That's what you did to F'nyek." L: "But- I- It's not the same!!" G: "Don't have a comeback for that, huh?" L: "I DID WHAT I HAD TO! This is a choice you're making!!" G: "DID YOU?! We could have talked it out, I have you so many chances to come to a conclusion! Instead, you forced your way into a conflict that nobody but you wanted!! And now you have the GALL to come ask me for aid?! Pathetic!" L: "Fine. Fuck off. I'll find a way to beat Eunic, THEN, I'll come back here and kick your ass again." G: "Great! And while you're busy doing that, I'll be busy having sex with your mom- is what I'd say if you had one." L: "Oh, real original." La: "Um, excuse me..." G: "It's not my fault, there were so many fucked up things about you, I couldn't pick one!" L: "At least I wasn't so bad at fighting wars I had to make it illegal to run away from my country!" G: "Oh, that's low." L: "You made fun of me for being an ORPHAN 30 seconds ago!" La: "Um..." Ja: "Will you two SHUT UP and let Lania talk, please?" L: "S-sorry." G: "Yeah. Sorry." Ja: "Ok, now go." La: "Um... Ok." ... "You two shouldn't be fighting like this... Nothing that happened was your fault, you know... Miss OPilione figured it all out before either of you were born. If she cuold get the other primarchs to waste their time, nobody could stop her. So, she killed the previous primarchs, and worked to give you all tasks to focus on. She knew by design you would gravitate towards positions of power. She created the riots that lead to the creation of APUS, hoping that you would get sucked into it, Lisem. And she was the one who killed your father, Garic. That's why you were thrown into this position of leadership. It was all a distraction." G: "Eunic killed my dad?" L: "Garic..." ... "I'm so sorry!" G: "What?" L: "At the time, I thought, I was doing the right thing, but as I get older, I realize... I should have known better. Everything I worked for just hurt everyone else." E: "Hey, cut that crap out!!" L: "Eh?!" E: "I'm not letting you drag me halfway round the world to watch you make an ass of yourself! Don't act like he's so innocent!" ... "Like it or not, APUS exists! Are you going to sit here and pretend like the hundreds of millions of people you represent don't benefit from it?" L: "You're... You're goddamn right!" E: "And didn't you come here to keep those people safe?!" L: "Hell yeah I did!!" E: "Then make our country proud!" L: "Yeah, yeah. Put me down first." E: "Yeah, sure." L: "Thanks." ... "Garic, I think that neither of us likes this much outside meddling in our personal affairs, yes?" G: "For once, I agree with you." L: "As much as looking at you pisses me off, knowing someone else was using my citizens as pawns is 1000% worse." G: "I feel the same way about F'nyek. If what the Eunician says is true..." L: "I'd trust her about as far as I could throw her, normally, but it adds up." G: "Then it seems..." L: "Yes." G: "Fine. Against everything I've learned in my seven years of dealing with you, I'm actually going to trust you. I just have one condition." L: "What's that?" G: "Please... Tell me everything you know about your superpowers." L: "Of course." G: "You will?" L: "Yes. You deserve a right to know, as a national leader. Leaving F'nyek at risk of attack from other psychics would be me letting more people die at my hands." G: "That's somewhat honorable. I'm surprised to hear it from you." L: "I've grown up a lot since the last time we had an in-depth conversation. I'm... Ready to admit I've made mistakes. I could have handled the whole situation better." G: "Me too." Ja: "Yay!! So, you two are friends now?!" G: "Hell no. That's now how people work." L: "Wait, you two know each other?" Ja: "Come on, shake hands and seal the deal already!" L: "Fine, fine." Ja: "As long as all three of us work together, we can crush Eunic for sure!" G: "Fine. If you stay here and negotiate a treaty, I'll let you all off with no punishment, legally." L: "Thank you." Ja: "Isn't working together fun!?" L: "Yeah, yeah."