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Ja: "Lisem..." ... "This is really boring..." L: "Yeah..." ... "Sorry, I should've been more smart about how we did this. Now we're stuck in a foreign country, and we can't pay bail, because I don't have enough money in my bank account... I never thought my personal poverty would be my downfall." Ja: "It'll be ok, don't worry. We'll figure something out!" L: "Yeah..." Ja: "Because, two heads are better than one!" L: "You're right." ... "If we work together, we can get out of this, for sure!" Ja: "Yeah!!" -creak- ?: "You two are free to go. Your bail has been paid." L: "Really?" Ja: "We did it!!!" L: "Who..." E: "H-hey, Lisem..." La: "Ah... Princess..." Ja: "Wow! Thank you two so much!!" L: "How..." E: "Sorry for being late. I didn't realize you were in trouble til last morning." L: "But... I..." E: "Come on, not even a smile, when I drag my ass all the way out here?" -hug- E: "Aw, hey." -pat pat- L: "I was... Getting really worried, that this was gonna be it..." E: "Hey, come on! As long as I'm around, I promise to keep you safe, ok?" L: "I didn't know that you meant... How did you get here?" La: "Um... Lupi is still in trouble..." E: "FUCK! You're right!" L: "Lania?" La: "If Sara is still keepnig an eye on him, he might be ok, but..." L: "Wait, what did I miss?" E: "Lupi is currently bleeding out on our couch." L: "And?" E: "Considering he's the reason we're here in the first place, I think we should help him." L: "He tried to kill us both." E: "Yeah, but I don't want him to die in our apartment." L: "Fine, you're so soft. But we can't go now, we're in waitnig for our unlawful entry trial." ... "If we leave, we're insinuating way between APUS and F'nyek." Ja: "Ceyan, too." L: "Exactly. We need to speak to Garik to get a waiver and a treaty." Ja: "It'll be hard, but I think we can do it before the court date. We have four days." La: "What? But-" L: "We'll have to process a meeting request with the king and assume it goes to him." Ja: "Yeah, we should prepare for the meeting." L: "Yes." ... "We need to get a hotel." Ja: "Yeah. And laptops, computers." L: "I can work off my phone." Ja: "I prefer a PC, but I can, too." L: "Yeah... And, everyone else can sleep while we work, or we can take shifts." Ja: "Sure." E: "And there they go." Ja: "Yeah, maybe downtown?" L: "I'm not familiar. Direct me." Ja: "Yeah, no problem." La: "Huh."