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?: "[Fine by me.]" -BANG- E: "Look out!!" La: "Shoot!" E: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I thought that would help!!" La: "Erik-" E: "If we can get out of this, I'll make it up to you, I promise!" La: "Ok." E: "What the hell- YOU IDIOT!!" La: "I'll do what I can." ?: "[What the hell?]" -bang x4- -fsssh- -whizz- ?: "[What did you do to my gun?!]" -click x2- La: "[I suggest you leave this place, and do not return.]" ?: "[I-]" La: "[Now.]" ?: "[Ngh!" La: "Good." E: "Lania." B: "[Erik, what kind of mess have you gotten yourself into...]" E: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" La: "I-" E: "DON'T THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY!!" ... "Don't you care about yourself?! You can't just throw yourself in front of a gun like that!! No matter what your powers are!! Please, have some regard for your personal safety!" La: "I'm sorry." E: "It's not about that! I just- both you, and Lisem, you're not physically invincible." La: "You're comparing me to Rossem?" E: "How can I not?!" ... "You're both weird psychics, I guess, but, you just seem so... Sad. I can't stand for that. I've seen him be happy, so I think you can be, too." La: "I-" B: "[WAIT! Are you mixed up in something with the APUS government?]" E: "[What?]" B: "[I know enough common to tell when you're talking about someone you know! Is that why you're here?!]" E: "[Um.]" B: "[What the hell happened to you?! Before you left, you would've murdered that conniving son of a bitch on sight! And now you're turning traitor on our country! Have you no morals?!]" E: "[Please-]" B: "[Explain yourself!!]" E: "[I... I haven't been a citizen of F'nyek for years. And I'm probably not a citizen of APUS, but, everyone I care about is there, and protecting the country is all they do, so, I guess...]" ... "[That makes it my home, I guess. And I feel a sense of obligation to defend it.]" B: "[You sicken me.]" ... "[I'm calling the military on you two.]" E: "[What?]" B: "[I don't harbor traitors.]" -SNAPP!- La: "[I don't care about your stupid nationalism!! If you call the military, you've already seen taht they don't care about casualties! People will DIE here!!]" ... "[And, we need to get going anyways.]" E: "[You're right.]" La: "[I'm glad to get your arm fixed up, but we have work to do.]" E: "[Yeah.]" La: "[Here's your phone, ma'am.]" B: "[Um... Yeah.]" La: "[Let's get going.]"