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-poof- La: "-Please, I... Ah." E: "-Hey-" ?: (In F'nyeki/Russian) "[Huh?]" "[The hell?]" E: "Um..." ... "W-We gotta get out of here!!" La: "Yeah." E: "Here, I know a back way-" La: "Sure. Anything to get out of this cold." E: "Let's get-" -RIIIIIP- La: "Erik?" ... "ERIK?! Are you ok?" E: "Y-yeah, don't worry about me, ok? We, we may have to make a pit-stop first, though." La: "Whatever you need." E: "Sorry." -creak- B: "[ERIK?! NO WAY!!]" E: "[Hey, hey!]" B: "[I haven't seen you in what, 5 years?]" E: "[I've been busy!]" B: "[haha!]" ... "[People around here thought you died, man! Glad to have you back!]" E: "[I'm only here for a second, sorry.]" B: "[Ahh, that's too bad.]" E: "[Hey, but in the meantime, can you help me out with a little injury?]" -slam- B: "[Jesus Christ!!]" E: "[On the way over here, I got my arm stuck on that dingy alleyway off main.]" B: "[Bad luck!]" E: "[Yeah.]" B: "[So, what have you been up to?]" E: "[Oh, I've been all over the world, it's been great!]" B: "[No, really.]" E: "[I'm not lying!]" B: "[Sure.]" -creak- La: "Once your arm gets bandaged up, we need to make it to the prison, ok? I'm really worried about the both of them." E: "The princess, too?" La: "No, Lisem and Lupi." E: "Ah." B: "[Ah, so you really did learn common! So cool!]" E: "[Y-yeah, thanks.]" B: "[What are you two talking about?]" E: "[Just work stuff.]" B: "[Ah, sure, sure.]" E: "[I'm serious!]" ?: "[Excuse me!]" ... "[I'm placing you two under arrest for unlawful entry into F'nyek!]" E: "[Huh? I'm a law-abiding citizen.]" ?: "[What, you think I'm an idiot? 10 people saw you use some sort of teleportation into the square under an hour ago!]" E: "[What? That's ridiculous! that's- Nothing like that exists! What are you, crazy?]" ?: "[I'm sorry, sir. We need you for questioning.]" La: "What now?" E: "Well, I guess, then..." ... "[Nobody move, or the girl gets it.]" La: "Hey!" B: "[Woah!]"