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-crash- S: "I..." ... "When did I get so stupid?" -crash- -poof- S: "You came back." Lu: "I wasn't going to, but, yeah." S: "Why?" Lu: "You really believe I can be a good person." S: "Y, yeah." Lu: "Even though I've never done anything for you." S: "Yes." Lu: "Sara, you don't know me well enough to judge me like everyone else. But, I, I want to be the person you seem to think I am." ... "And, I, I don't want to make you feel stupid for believing in me." S: "You heard that?" Lu: "Yeah, I was invisible." S: "Oh." ... "Ugh, how embarrassing." Lu: "What do you mean?! If you hadn't had said that, I wouldn't be here right now!" S: "Yes, but, I'm a professional." Lu: "So am I!! I kill people, but you don't see that getting me down!!" S: "Tch." Lu: "Eh, you don't like that? Sorry!" S: "I'm not a huge fan of murdering." Lu: "Ahh, don't be so uptight. So, what did you want to know?" S: "Well, actually, I was thinking of something different." ... "can you give a presentation to my team tomorrow?" Lu: "...How many people?" S: "Just 5, including myself." Lu: "Ah, ok." ... "I'll try my best!" S: "Can we meet at my apartment tomorrow to do it? I'll give you the address." Lu: "Sure, sure!" S: "...Do you have a place to stay?" Lu: "Yeah!!" S: "Ok, ok, good." Lu: "Hey." ... "Sorry I'm so... me. I didn't mean to make you cry. But, thanks for putting up with my bullshit." S: "Hey, my tears weren't for you-" ... "-Ah." -poof- S: "Well, let's see how tomorrow goes."