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S: "What's- Are you ok?!" Lu: "-cough x2- What did you say your name was again?" S: "That's not important right now!" Lu: "Please." ... "I'm going to die, Lady. I'd like to know who is compassionate enough to see me off." S: "It's Sara." Lu: "I'll try to remember it." S: "Don't worry about it right now." Lu: "Sara... I'm sorry." S: "For what?" Lu: "When we first met, I called you a bitch. That was sexist. I'm... I'm really sorry." S: "That's what you're worried about right now?" Lu: "It was wrong. I shouldn't have said it." S: "Man, what the hell are you doing? You tried to kill me, and my friends. And you're apologizing for THIS?" Lu: "It was- Ok, the first time, there are circumstances. It's no big deal." S: "Yes, it is!" Lu: "No, you should have never been there in the first place!! Lisem and Erik are trained killers, something like that is forgivable!! Especially after what they did to my sister, which I've GRACIOUSLY and KINDLY forgiven them for!!" S: "And what did they do?" Lu: "THEY KILLED HER!!" S: "Do you have proof?" Lu: "Yeah, you can look up her death certificate! She's dead! I watched them kill her!" S: "And you forgave them?" Lu: "It's complicated!! She deserved to die!" S: "Huh." Lu: "It doesn't matter, anwyays!! I'm going to die here! See?! I had a million chances to be a good person, and I blew all of them! At least I helped Erik and Lani go save Lisem, so I did one good thing in my life!" S: "Do you want to be a good person?" Lu: "Honestly... I don't think I can. I can't tell what's 'good.'" S: "Interesting. You and Lisem are so different, even though you are both clones, I think..." Lu: "I know." ... "We're exactly the same, we both have no parents, we both made the same mistakes as kids, but... He runs the country. And I let my own sister die in front of my eyes. Why did I do that? There's something broken about me, I think I was made wrong. It's good that my life is being stopped here, before I hurt more people." S: "AND YOU'RE JUST GOING TO SIT HERE AND DIE?!" Lu: "Well-" S: "THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE! YOU THINK LISEM WOULD EVER LET HIMSELF THINK ANYTHING LIKE THAT?! AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! THAT'S HOW YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE!" ... "COMPLICIT IN YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION!" Lu: "Sara..." S: "If you doubt your own ability to change, then you NEVER will! That's what's wrong with you!!" Lu: "I'm still going to die, though." S: "Not no my watch." Lu: "What can you do? You're not psychic." S: "That's true. But I think I know someone who is, who's not missing." ... "But if I help you out, can you promise to do something for me?" Lu: "What?" S: "I want to understand this psychic stuff. Can you explain it to me?" Lu: "Oh, of course." S: "Then, ok. Thank you. Let me try to get you some help." Lu: "Thank you. For this, and for trusting Lani." S: "Oh, I don't trust her. I just wanted to get you alone so I could ask you about this." Lu: "Seriously? I-" S: [In Sadiric/Japanese] "(Good evening, it's Sara!) Eh, since you were able to help me out before, I have a question, sorry... I was wondering if there was any way to do a distant energy transfer, or something. ...Yes, one of Lisem's friends is in trouble, but he's in F'nyek... Yes, to his apartment?" ... "Woah..." -boom- Lu: "DAMN!" S: "Yes, that should be good... Thank you!" ... "I mean, that's enough, right?" Lu: "Oh, plenty." -SMAAASH- Lu: "This'll do just fine." S: "Did it work? Lupi?" -poof-