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S: "Wow, he's really messed up, huh? Lisem did this?" La: "No, miss Opilione did." S: "What? Why?" La: "We didn't fufill our mission. She asked us to dispose of Mr. Rossem, but sinec we failed, she attempted to reassimilate me into her body, and Lupi tried to stop her. We barely escaped with our lives." S: "Reassimilate?" La: "Absorb me back into her. I would die." S: "Is that why he was trying to kill the boss?" La: "He wasn't trying to kill Lisem. It was a suicide mission, against my advice. Opilione didn't care who, but one of the primarchs had to die. However, the requirement was not fufilled." S: "What do you mean by 'Primarch'?" La: "One of the original semi-autonomous psychic constructs." S: "And what do you mean by THAT?" La: "Oh, my apologies. Let me explain." ... "As I'm sure you're already aware, Lisem is a clone of a person who was alive at the time of his 'birth,' 10 years ago. This is what differentiates a 'Primarch' semi-autonomous psychic construct from a normal one. Though both are completely made up of psychic energy, and their personalities are both stored in liminal spaces, a non-Primarch's set of instructions are coded by the creator, while the Primarch's are coded from Adrestia directly. A Primarch can create a normal S-APC (semi-autonomous psychic construct), but they won't be a perfect DNA clone like a Primarch, and won't be able to take nearly as much psychic input. the normal S-APC must also follow all Primarch instructions." S: "Lisem is only 10 years old?" La: "Lisem's body is only 10. His mind is at a level of a 19-year old, it's as if he just lost his memory of the first 9 years." S: "And... He has a living relative?" S: "Yes, Xerus Rossem, age-" E: "SHUT UP!!"... "L-Lis isn't here to defend himself, so I WILL!" S: "Erik-" E: "'Maintenance,' 'semi-autonomous,' 'instructions'... Lisem may be DIFFERENT, but he's not a ROBOT!! He's a human with feelings and emotions! This is insane!" La: "A construct can have feelings and still only exist to fill a function. I know, because I am one." E: "I- NO WAY!! Every choice Lisem makes is of his own free will!!" La: "This is not possible." E: "HOW DARE YOU!!" ... "Sara- give me your cell, I'll call him." S: "Ok..." E: "Thank you." -ring x2- E: "See- you'll-" ?: [In F'nyeki/Russian] "(Hello! You've reached the F'nyek capital jail! The owner of ths phone is currently being held in custody!)" -click- S: "Is that F'nyeki?" E: "Lisem is in Jail?" La: "What?" S: "We have to do something!" E: "We can't get over there, though!" La: "Lupi will help us." E: "He will?" La: "If Lisem is in trouble, it's the least we can do. He can teleport us to the capital." E: "How did you know he's at the capital?" La: "I speak F'nyeki too, they said it on the message." E: "...Fine. But I don't want you coming." La: "I can help! I want to help!" E: "I can't trust you. Sara and I will go." S: "Hang on a moment!" ... "Erik, I don't want to go. If we get seperated, I can't get back, and I don't want to get in your way." E: "Sara-" S: "Take this lady. She knows what she's doing, I think." E: "I- You trust her?" S: "Yes." E: "Then, I guess- ok. I'll trust her too." La: "Lupi, did you hear that? We need you." Lu: "Mmrgh... Ok..." La: "Thank you, so much." Lu: "Yeah, it's... No problem." ... "Come here- -cough- you guys." La: "Don't-" Lu: "I can do this." -poof x2- Lu: "Good luck, you two!!" S: "Why did you-" -pant x2- Lu: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" S: "THE FUCK?!"