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S: "And you're sure you're ok with us working from your home?" E: "Oh, I'm so excited about it!! Just put this stuff anywhere." S: "Well, ok..." J: "It's a nice apartment for being so close." E: "Yeah, it was realy expensive, but worth it. You can barely hear the street noise because it's so high off the ground." J: "That's nice." E: "I think I can move this couch, and this table..." S: "Yeah?" -ding- J: "Hey, someone rang your doorbell." E: "Yeah, weird." J: "Do you want me to get it?" E: "Sure." S: "I'm starting to doubt your abilities as a grown adult." E: "What? No!" La: "Um- Excuse me, ma'am-" ... "You don't know me, but- do you know if an Erik D'yrin lives here? My friend, he's going to die if we can't find him." J: "Please, give me a moment." La: "Of course." J: "Erik, it's that guy, from Lisem's fight." E: "WHAT?!" J: "And some girl. She says he's going to die." E: "God damnit, god damnit. [In F'nyeki/Russian] (What the fuck.)" J: "Can I do anything to help?" E: "Just- I need to get you guys out of here. I don't want anyone getting hurt." J: "Ok. E: "I'm, I'm really sorry, I need a smoke, to deal with this right now," J: "It's ok. We're going to be fine." E: "Ngh... Yeah." J: "Oh, it's bigger on the inside." E: "Yeah, I- Listen, don't try to be a hero, ok? When I tell you to run, you run." J: "Of course. I'll leave the fighting to the professionals. I'm of much more use alive then dead." E: "Um... Yeah." Lu: "ERIK, YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD, I'M BLEEDING OUT! I'M NOT GONNA KILL ANYONE!!" -SLAM- La: "Lupi..." Lu: "YOU HAVE THE IQ OF A SACK OF BRICKS! I TOLD LANI NOT TO-" -cough- -hack- Lu: "GOD!" La: "Please, don't exert yourself anymore." La: "Normally, Lupi should have regenerated by now, but someone or something seems to have placed a seal on his abilities. In these cases, we would see a technician for repairs, but seeing as we're currently extradited from Eunic, our only non-affiliated option is Rossem." S: "Wait, hang on. You were kicked out of Eunic? And you were a high-ranking general?" La: "Yes." S: "Then you can give us info on their military." La: "I would be happy to." S: "Then I, Sarenya Kadengras-Cambron, place you under immediate arrest under the charge of international terrorism. You will remain in direct custody until the PM arrives back in APUS, and will answer any and all questionings. Understood?" ... "And if you do a good enough job answering our questions, we may just help you out." La: "...I understand. Thank you." E: "Hang on, that's all it takes?!" La: "We committed a dangerous crime that could have hurt people, on accident or not. It's only fair." E: "Yeah- but-" La: "My only hole is that you don't give us up to the Eunic authorities." S: "No, you're our prisoners now. You can come inside." E: "If we're doing this, you two, I want you to get out of here." J: "If it makes things easier for you." T: "Um, yeah, this is outside my wheelhouse, so that's fine." J: "Good luck." E: "Put him on the couch, I guess..." La: "Thank you so much."