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L: "Ah, yes. The usual style. No, that's fine. ...Yes, we'llbe there in ten. Thanks. No, thank you. Have a good day." ... "Ok, I booked us a hotel. As soon as you finish grabbing your stuff we can go." E: "Oh, thanks." ... "I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be." L: "Ok, I'll portal us in." E: "You never fail to impress, Lis." L: "Thank you. I try." E: "Doesn't look like it. You barely break a sweat." L: "I'm trying to look cool, not trying to work hard." E: "It's impossible for you to look cool to me. I've seen you cry on the floor." L: "What, I can't have emotions?" E: "No, I think you should, actually. You're just not what comes to mind when I think, 'cool.'" L: "Oh, yeah? What do you think?" E: "I dunno." L: "Aw." E: "Lisem, why did you say that to me, in my coma?" L: "What?" E: "I know the most important thing to you is being the PM." L: "Oh, that." ... "I'm a selfish man. Why can't I have both?" E: "You really are selfish, not even asking me if you can have me, first." L: "You're right. Well, can I?" E: "Of course. What exactly did you have in mind?" L: "Wait, are you being serious?" E: "Yeah, I'll do anything you want." L: "Why?" E: "Because, well, I love you." L: "Oh, that's very sweet, thank you." E: "Your reaction makes me think you still don't understand." L: "I think we're pretty good friends." E: "No, I'm IN love with you." L: "What do you mean?" E: "HOW are you this oblivious." ... "I'm gay, asshole. I'm... attracted to you." L: loading... "Ha... Hahaha!" E: "Why are you laughing?" L: "Becuase- haha- everything is- haha, oh my god!" E: "Lis-" L: "Haha! Everything is so awful! Hahaha!" E: "Why?!" L: "Because, I- ohh, god... I feel the same way." E: "What But-" L: "We have work to do. Come on, let's go."