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E: "Hey, thanks for coming over, guys! I'm sure you're wondernig why I called you here." S: "Normally I wouldn't entertain you, but Lisem seems to be missing." J: "Yes, where is the boss? Is he alright?" E: "Oh, yeah! He;s in F'nyek." S: "He's WHERE?!" E: "He's with Jas, don't worry." ..."Um, but, because I was the only person he told, that sort of leaves me in charge, so I figured I should do something." S: "What." E: "I-" S: "That leaves YOU in charge." ... "I'M IN CHARGE HERE!! This is MY department, and you work DIRECTLY for me! DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!" E: "Sara-" S: "No, listen here! We're going down to the office, we're pickign up our stuff, and we're bringing it back here! And YOU'RE going to do most of it! Got it?!" E: "I'm so sorry. Of course." S: "Thank you." E: "Look out, guys." S: "Yeah-" -BONK- S: "OW!" E: "Sara!" ... "Are you ok?" S: "Yeah, yeah. I can't see these things." E: "Sorry." ... "I do wish you could see this outside of a camera, though. It's so... massive. He;s so much more powerful then I ever could have imagined when we first met. Isn't it amazing? I'm getting excited just standing in the presence of it." S: "Weird." E: "You can't tell me you don't feel anything." S: "Yeah. Annoyance." E: "Aw, come on. It's really something else." S: "Can we just get to the office?" E: "Fine, fine." -nondescript chatter- "Hey, grab those computers. We need those." "Anything else?" "Maybe we can use some furniture?" "Yeah, the desks could be nice." "The building really got smashed on impact with the pillars, huh..." "The whole thing's at an angle." "Damn." "Don't worry, it'll be ok." E: "Hey, are you ok?" S: "Yeah, I'm fine." E: "You don't seem fine." S: "I think this is it for me." E: "w-what? What does that mean?" S: "All this psychic stuff... I can't do anything, I can't even see it. I think I'm going to lose my job." ... "I'm useless." E: "Are you serious?" S: "Of course." E: "Sara, that is absurd. You're an amazing mathmatician, and you're great at organizing people. How are you useless?" S: "But- I can't do anything about this." E: "What do you mean?! You've done THIS already!! You barged into a room full of deadly psychics, you shot one out of the sky!! Sara, you're incredible!" S: "I Am?" E: "YES!! Why do you think I look up to you so much?" S: "You do?" E: "I mean- well- You always know what to do, and you're always looking out for all of us, and you're- this is stupid, sorry." S: "No, no, go on." E: "You're just a really great person. And even though Lisem isn't here to say, I know he thinks so too. You're not going anywhere." S: "That makes me feel really good about myself. Thanks!" E: "Y-yeah!" S: "But... I still wish that Lisem would have told me about any of this. It seems to be such a large part of his life... I guess we weren't as close as I thought." E: "No, no, no. He's just weird." ... "He doesn't say what he means, obviously, but the people he divulges info to seem totally random to me. He doesn't base what he tells people off how much he trusts them, but more like... the opposite. I dunno." S: "Yeah." E: "I trust you." S: "Thank you!!" E: "Yeah." S: "Then can I get you to move the rest of these boxes for me?" E: "Haha, sure thing! I don't mind."