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Ja: "Yo, yo, yo! Lisem!" ... "Don't tell me ur planning 2 go 2 F'nyek dressed like THAT." L: "What's wrong with my clothes?" Ja: "Aaahhh. Christ." ... "ur going 2 b COLD, brickhead." E: "That's exactly what I said! Thank you!" Ja: "Listen 2 him. He's from there." E: "Take this." L: "I'll be fineee." E: "no, you won't. Come on." L: "Fine, fine." ... "And now I look like a small child, and I'm too hot." E: "Oh, quit whining. When you get into the -40 degree temps you'll thank me." L: "We'll see." E: "Geez." Ja: "Come on, come on! Let's go already!!" L: "Fine, fine. Where do you want to go?" Ja: "Take us 2 the capitol!" L: "Sure!" Ja: "Yay!!" L: "Yeah, yay!" E: "Have fun, you two, but... Be safe too, ok?" L: "Of course we'll be careful." E: "Ok. You know to call me if anything happens." L: "Absolutely." ... "Let's get going, Jasmine." Ja: "Okay!!" E: "Good luck!" Ja: "If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link." E: "What?" L: "Don't confuse him." ... "Oh, it IS cold." ... "Small, too. I knew it was only the castle here, but still..." Ja: "Yeah." ... "Mcdonalds!" L: "what?" Ja: "There's a Mcdonalds here." L: "Oh, cool." Ja: "Let's go!" L: "Fine." L: [speaking in F'nyeki/Russian] "(2 burgers, please.)" ?: "(Sure. 1,000 Rubles.)" L: "(Ok.) This is why I have credit." Ja: "You speak F'nykei?" L: "Absolutely not, I'm just trying to learn so I can talk to Erik in his native language. It's easy for me to learn the words, but applying it takes work." Ja: "Good @ memorizing, eh?" L: "I have perfect memory." Ja: "Wuuut?! No way, don't lie 2 me!" L: "I'm not, I can recall every second of every moment I've been conscious! In video form." Ja: "That's pretty weirdchamp." L: "It's nice! Anytime I'm upset, I can just see every moment Erik and I have spent together in total clarity." Ja: "Cute." ... "I save all the pictures of me and Vicky 2 snapchat!" L: "Aw." ?: "Excuse me!!" ... "I'm going to have to ask you two to come with me!!" L: "Oh, fuck."