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E: "Morning, Lis." L: "G'morning, love." E: "Aww." ... "You didn't sleep last night." L: "Yeah, my body is normalizing, so I don't need the recovery time anymore. I was looking for office space." E: "Oh, right. We need a new location, I guess." L: "Um, yeah. Look out the window, the building's snapped in half. But nobody wants to rent space to the guy who just committed a felony on public tv." E: "Is public opinion that low?" L: "Yeah, unfortunately, noone's really pleased with the situation. I'm planning a press conference after the princess and I head to F'nyek." E: "Ah, ok." L: "But we need a place to plan for that, first." E: "Have everyone come over here! I'll buy tons of groceries, and I can cook for everyone!" L: "Really?" E: "Yeah! It'll be super fun! Make the best of a bad situation!" L: "Yeah!! I'll tell everyone to come over!" E: "Lisem..." L: "What?" E: "Holding up that building must be a strain. Please... Don't hurt yourself, ok?" L: "I won't lie, it's hard. But since I'm more adjusted to it, I don't have to concentrate on it anymore." E: "Take it easy, geez. You're still recovering. Don't do anything too difficult, k?" L: "Haha, fine. But only so you don't worry." E: "But I do worry. When you teleported back here, you were all messed up. Why didn't you just run away?" L: "Ah, I was too in the moment." E: "You shouldn't tell lies." L: "Rgh." ... "Yes, I went in with full intent to kill him for what he did to you. But he challenged me to a fair fight, so it didn't matter anyways." E: "Lisem..." L: "What." E: "Killing is wrong." L: "I know, I know... I took it too far." E: "Yeah." L: "I've never been so mad in my whole life. It's like the older I get, the less impulse control I have. If my 15-year old self saw me now, he'd kick my ass for being so negligent." E: "And not for the murderous intent?" L: "No, that's not new." E: "Ah, ok." L: "Ahh, whatever. All we can do is keep working." E: "Yeah."