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L: "What do you want?" Ja: "Ur all over the news, dude! Tf u doingusing ur powers in public like that?!" ... "If normies learn abt psychic powesr, then we lose our strategic edge, 4head." L: "No shit. Did you miss the part where I fell off the building? Because that hurt." Ja: "Ya, but look at u now! Ur barely hurt!!" L: "BUILDING! BUILDING! I FELL OFF A BUILDING!! I was in a fight for my life!" Ja: "Fine... I'm soz." L: "Ah, sorry for yelling, I just... I'm extremely tired." Ja: "Ofc. Iz ok." L: "To tell the truth, I have no clue what to do now, with Eunic and publicizing my powers like that. Something like this... It'll change the whole world, segregating those in tune with the miagenetic field from those who are not. That's a terrifying idea." S: "I think that was intended." L: "What do you mean?" S: "I don't know anything about your whole "psychic business," but, both you and the princess clearly have some sort of weird superpower that seperates you from the normal people, right?" ... "I mean, that's incredibly suspicious. You two seem like you're in on something, for sure. If I didn't know you so well, I'd think you were dangerous." Ja: "Iz not rlly that sus, fr. Approc of 1/3rd ppl are psychic, with ~1% being able 2 manifest anything." L: "Oh, I didn't know that." Ja: "Iz true! N in Ceyan, majority r orange, while in APUS, majority r yellow." S: "H... How was something like this hidden?" E: "THAT I can explain." ... "Like the princess said, active users are exceedingly rare. Most psychics never even realize they ARE psychic. But if an active user was to publicize themselves... Well, let's just say, you'll get a talking-to by a few organizations, to say the least. People have invested interests in keeping this hierarch secret, at least for now. But now that Lisem's status has been revealed, I'm sure he's a new target." ... "Hm." L: "It must be Eunic. that guy was working for them, they must have wanted to expose me. The question is, what's their motive." E: "Yeah." J: "Does it matter?" L: "... No, I guess not, right now." Ja: "Ur next step shuld be 2 get F'nyek on board." E: "Wha-" L: "Are you insane? That guy hates me!!" Ja: "But itz a good idea, no? He's not a psychic." L: "He's not, but-" Ja: "Makes us seem more innocent, eh?" L: "We are- I am innocent! I don't know you! A week ago, I didn't know you were psychic- I didn't know you spoke commmon! Now you're in my home, telling me what I should do? I can't trust you!" Ja: "Lisem... I spent my whole life leading my country through other ppl, and studying psychic powers in the world. Learning more about u. ...I don't have many friends." ... "I just wanted 2 b helpful." S: "Hey, this is. We appreciate it." Ja: "I just think..." ..."Maybe Garic iz lonely, just like me." L: "Aw, fuck. Now my empathy is kicking in for both of you." ... "Fine. We can go to F'nyek to talk to him, but you have to come with me." Ja: "YESS!! TY!!" L: "Geez." ... "w-woah!" E: "Dude! Are you ok?" L: "Sorry. Standing up was not good for me." E: "Ok, everyone out." S: "Ok, ok. Rest up, Lisem."